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Knitting Projects: Patterns by Fiona Alice

I finally finished my Take Heart hat by Fiona Alice. Her patterns are so easy to follow!

I used some handspun wool by Sand and Sky Creations, because all the colours mean that my hat will match all of my winter coats. I was not sure about the alpaca pom pom but it is growing on me the more I wear the hat.

I am now working on the second pattern in Fiona’s book Take Heart: A Transatlantic Knitting Journey. It is a beautiful scarf for a Christmas present I hope.  I used a merino/silk blend from Heidi’s By Hand.


My First Rhinebeck – Day 2


On Sunday, we were up early again and at the Mulberry Street entrance for 8:45am because I had my Mosaic Knitting Class with Donna Kay. I was so excited getting there. I could barely sit still. I gave Donna and the ladies at my table some of my stitch markers. There were fourteen in the class and I did not have enough in my bag for everyone (next time I will bring more). Donna showed us some swatches and a mosaic knitting patterns book. We got to cast on to the project right away. I was away to the races even helping my neighbour beside me. She caught on we were doing it wrong before I did. Donna got us all fixed up and we were off again. As we were knitting, Donna took the time to walk us through the basics of this technique as well as how to read the pattern. I absolutely loved her class. Donna was so patient and got around to everyone numerous times. The class was relaxed and I got half-way up my Mosiac Mitt by the time we were finished (even with all my talking and a bathroom break). It was a great half-day project and gave me something new to work on. I love that she took the time to show us how to sew up the mitt so it is a flat seam that is pretty much invisible.

Right after my class and before I went for lunch I stopped at Lisa Souza‘s booth. I wanted a project bag but was having trouble with my Visa so I only chose one ball of yarn. This meant I did not spend enough to get the bag but it is scrumptious yarn, so squishy. I could not find my crew, so I got into Aba’s Falafel line. It was long but kept moving as fast as the team could make meals. I was glad I waited the falafel on the plate was so good. Found my friends via text while in line so I got to eat with them. It was my first chance to use my bamboo utensils. They are great. I spent the afternoon wandering the buildings and barns.

My allergies were acting up so I did not touch any animals. Well one Leicester sheep because I love my Heidi’s by Hand Blue Faced Leicester Knitter’s Mitts. I did go all around the other barns and tents though. I could have spent days there but my bank account needed me to leave at three as planned. I did restrain myself sort of. I got quality things but tried to keep quantities down and shopped a bit for my cousin, Karen. I could go on and on about the wonderful people I met, most of whom actually knew where PEI was. We met at the beer tent at three and got the above picture as we left the festival. What an amazing experience.

The cherry on the top of our weekend was a final meal in Rhinebeck at the Terrapin Bistro. They have a tart cranberry mojito which was refreshing while we waited for a table. It was insanely busy there. When we got the food it was so worth the wait. Then it was back to the cabin to pack for the drive back to PEI. I am still on a high from this trip. So much fun so many new friends.


My First Rhinebeck – Day 1

Wow. The NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY was amazing and overwhelming. We got there early on Saturday October 15, 2016 because our traveling companion signed up for a class. We found the Mulberry Street entrance and parked there. Bev got to go in because she had a class, but the rest of us waited in line for tickets (for a few extra bucks buying online would have saved the wait). However, we met a lovely couple behind us and they offered to take our picture. I spent most of my time eyeing everyone’s knitwear. Even though it was supposed to warm up, we all had it on for the festival.

14707935_10157443536945411_4108918085956204717_oFirst, I waded through the crowd to the books because Fiona Alice was at the Pom Pom table. She was busy selling stuff and there were at least ten in the line ahead of me. I felt beseiged by so many people I did not know so it was better seeing someone I knew, even if I was not sure I would find her again. I was then able to actually look at the all the yarn.

Even just going through buildings A, B, and C gave me so many choices. I got a kit from Dirty Water Dyeworks to make The Joker and the Thief shawl. The orange and purple combination sold it for me. I could not even get close to Miss Babs or some of the other places I wanted to see. People were so close together, only some were polite about getting through the crowd. Shopping for Karen was a bit stressful, I found some yarn in the colours she wanted and bought it because I was afraid I would not get to the front of a line again. The yarn popped out at me at the time. But I should have hit the barns and saw everything once before buying. However, other people had said to pick up what you wanted when you saw it as if you wait and go back it would most likely be gone.

By noon I was ready for a bit of a break, so went to the Ravelry meet up. It was good in that I found my friends,  but did not really meet any new people. The crowd was crazy so we went to get food. Aba’s Falafel line was too long for me. I got an apple from the orchard, and we (Heather, Heather, & I) walked through the food building. There were giant whoopie pies and many other yummy desserts but we thought lunch should come first. As I was waiting in line for Greek food nature called so I braved the bathroom line up. It was long but moved quickly. When I got out of there I was not really hungry anymore so I went to the podcasters meet-up.

I was so excited to meet Lynne and Selma from Two Tangled Skeins. I watch their podcast so I felt like I know them because they talk to me every week about their knitting. They have never met me and only know my name because I sent them some stitch markers. I was so excited not sure that Lynne got a word in edgewise. I left to allow others to meet them too, but I did not want to. I wandered around the booths and shops for an hour or so. In a crowded building, I saw the Yarn Harlot. It was kind of funny for people who know how much I talk, but I got so tongue-tied seeing Stephanie that all I could say was I like your sweater. Reading her blog I felt like I watched her make it. As I walked away from her, I realized she had no clue who I was. Thinking about that (probably over-thinking about that) I got overwhelmed, so I found a seat and started to knit. I am not sure how long I was there when I saw Stephen West walk by with his entourage. He had on knit pants. It was really warm, but who am I to talk I had on my alpaca and merino shawl. Earlier in the day I even had my Knitter’s Mitts on.

Met my crew around three, they grabbed a beer and we went back to our cottage to relax. I was so wired it took a long time to settle down and sleep.


NY Sheep & Wool Festival Preparation

I spend last Wednesday morning in Moncton on my own. I was supposed to be working on the completing the updates to a test bank for Introduction to Psychology but I took some time out to go to the London-Wul Fibre Arts. It was a beautiful fall day to take the back roads in to the shop. The trees are changing colours and it was so nice to get outside before buckling down to do work.img_1548Heidi convinced me that a Rhinebeck shawl was fine (especially since I have no time to make a sweater, see pictures below). I decided that I needed some knitter’s mitts for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend so I got her Heidi’s by Hand Leicester to make them. I have one finished.  Heidi’s wool is so soft and easy to work with. I absolutely love the rib pattern. It is really stretchy. My hands are going to be so warm and stylish this weekend.

Playing Hooky to Travel

My husband works for the government and sometimes has to travel for a day or two on short notice. In the past, this has created logistical issues for me. Now that my baby is in grade 12, I am taking advantage and tagging along.

It is so nice to spend the time together in the car. We chat, enjoy the radio, and shows like The Vinyl Cafe. His down time can be our time, but when he has to work I can knit, explore, or just work on my own writing. It is so nice to step away for the daily grind. Even a one night trip can give a much needed boost.

After a crazy September, I am looking forward to playing hooky with my hubby tonight and tomorrow.

Lunch at the Market

I love our summer routine of going to the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market for lunch. It is great to go for a walk in the middle of the day and to see so many familiar faces. The market makes me happy. My only issue is choosing what to have. Everything is so good that I have trouble choosing.

Coffee comes first at the Caledonia House/Coffee Corner. They have wonderful double lattes. I can even get my almond milk. If you just need regular coffee you can get that too. If it is a really warm day I will go for a lemonade at the Hand Popped Kettle Corn booth (as I can get it without sugar). Alternatively, I will grab an ice tea lemonade mix from Lady’s Baker’s Tea Trolley.

Food choices always depend on my mood. Out of Africa has my favourite samosas because I absolutely love the green sauce. Everything is good so I let Makena decide when I am hungry enough for a full meal. La Sazon de Mexico is amazing, but I love their Mexican breakfast which I get on Saturday. Wednesday is my day to try something else. If I decide to have bread then I have to choose between: Chef Ross’ smoked salmon on a bagel (he has many other great things including a lobster roll but I crave the smoked salmon if I get anything else); or The Hearth’s cheese, sprouts and tomato sandwich on homemade bread. Finally, I will go to Shaddy’s for a falafel. That does not even begin to cover all the other great things. These are my repeated choices.

Nurturing Essence Raw Chocolate is always my dessert. Any time I host an event I get Katlin to choose some treats for me to share. I love chocolate but this raw chocolate is my favourite by far.

The Charlottetown Farmers Market is open on Saturday and Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm in the summer. In the winter, it goes back to a Saturday only market. If you are in Charlottetown any of those days you have to check it out.

Biking and Knitting on a summer Sunday

I am trying to bike more. The last three weekends I did 5K, 12K, and yesterday 16K. I had hoped to do 20K but I got a little too brave going through a gate on the trail near Morell, PE. The bike went through no scratches but my leg is bruised. Great time of the year to get a Florida shaped bruise covering most of my thigh. We got a great picture before the accident, and went to Rick’s Fish and Chips in St. Peters after. Nothing like the best Fish ‘n Chips in PEI to make you forget the pain.


I did make it to Beanz for knitting afterwards. There’s nothing like the knitting crew to help you forget pain by focusing on fun conversation. The staff at Beanz was so friendly even after being slammed all day. They all make me smile.

I even got a special delivery at knitting. My uncle, Peter, made me a knitting table. It has three dowels at the back that I can put the yarn cakes on so they do not roll around the floor. I absolutely love it (and all that I sent him was a picture from Pinterest). Here it is:


I am in the process of varnishing it. I hope to have it done for knitting on Tuesday at my place. Such a great day.