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I am just back to work after a week in Varadero, Cuba. This having to get up at a specific time to be at work for 8 am sucks! I would rather wake up and head for the beach then breakfast. Then it is no problem to get out of bed; I was up by 6 am while I was away. Why is it so hard to drag my butt out of bed to get to work. I actually enjoy my job but the transition from relaxation to work is hard.

I absolutely loved province of Mantanzas in Cuba. We stayed at the Breezes Bella Costa. I was blown away by the food. This was our third time to Cuba. I have issues with food even in Canada so I had experience with food problems on vacation. None of this was an issue on our resort. I was able to find many foods that I could eat even on a lactose free diet. Swimming in the ocean was so much fun. The water was clear and cooled me down after sitting in the sun. One day we even spent time playing in huge waves. Abraham made me pizza for lunch each day, by day two he knew my order. Mabel, our maid, was amazing. Our room was spotless each day after we returned from the beach. I love the afternoon siesta and dressing for dinner. We loved the lobby bar for drinks before and after dinner, especially on piano nights. The staff and service at the Breezes Bella Costa went above and beyond, we were spoiled rotten all week.

My children are wonderful helpers, they make their own breakfast and lunch so I only had to get myself going today. I really missed them while I was away. It is so great to be around them again. I really appreciate how great they are. It is spring-like today. Such a difference from the snow on Friday night that kept us from landing in Charlottetown forcing an overnight in Halifax. I love my beautiful Island and am glad to be back.


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  cherylcan wrote @

O.K. I was back a week ago but just managed to post this today.

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