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I am writing again… ya!

I spent many years writing in my spare moments on any paper I could get my my hands on. My writing slowly tapered off in university, even more once we started having children, for awhilennthe only writing I was doing was academic. I thank God that I met the editor of Edwards Magazine, Christine Gordon-Manley. She convinced me to write an article for the magazine, then I joined the bookclub writing reveiws.  Her patience and coaching built my confidence and urge to write. Finally, this blog was started to exercise my writing in an informal voice,  in the hopes that would start to write for fun again.

It finally happened this week I spent a few evenings modifying a short story that I had started years ago. It is going really well and it is fun again not just pounding my head against the wall. I just have to end it and do some edits. I am so excited and I am having so much fun with it. The next hurdle will be actually sending it out to a publisher.

The productive phase continuted with me submitting a couple of new reviews the the Edwards Magazine Bookclub: Room by Emma Donoghue that I read on vacation; and Quilts of Prince Edward Island: The Fabric of Rural Life. They will be posted on the club website at:


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