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My thoughts on “In Silence” by Erica Spindler

In Silence by Erica SpindlerSpindler is one of my favorite thriller writers, “In Silence” did not disappoint. Avery Chauvin returns home to Cypress Springs, Louisiana following the suicide of her father. Her grief is complicated by feelings of guilt over leaving to follow a career in journalism. Many of the townspeople are there to support her especially the family of her high school sweetheart,  Matt, whose father, Buddy, was also Avery’s Dad’s best friend.

Avery just cannot believe that her father, a doctor who loved life, would commit suicide. There are a few details of the scene that appear to support her view. Couple this with an uncommonly high number of unnatural deaths in Cyprus Springs and her investigative journalism skills kick in. Avery smells a story but is aware that this instinct may be modulated by her guilt and grief. She is not sure where to turn for support but enjoys the comfort of her second family, even though there is a rift between the family and Matt’s twin, Hunter. Avery finds comfort from each family member in different ways.

Spindler is an expert at intrigue and character development. Each of the family members has their own complexities which make you question where they stand and whether Cyprus Springs is just too good to be true.I would be sure that I had it figured out then I would read a passage that would change my mind. I really enjoyed the spattering of romance throughout. Avery is so conflicted by seeing the past through rose coloured glasses, and feeling like she does not quite fit. The most disturbing aspect of the book was how viligante justice was quietly supported to maintain a way of life.


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