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Spring Knitting

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. I love the joy of a warm sunny day with the promise of more to come. Saturday I spent a couple of hours soaking up the sun on the back deck knitting a sleeve for Daniel’s sweater. By this point, I realize that I have started many more projects then I can realistically finish before outdoor activities curtail my knitting to only a few hours a week. As I sat there knitting, I would notice numerous yard projects that I need to get to. Another case of many projects puttered away at moving from one to another without finishing many. The story of my life.

My husband tells me the knitting never stops. He even had to snap a picture of me knitting on our trip to Cuba this March. O.K. so I admit I am a bit of a knitting nut. I need the knitting. It calms me, especially when planes are delayed. Plus, the sweater in the picture was for a baby shower happening the Sunday we returned. I love knitting, my Friday night knitters, and the beautiful projects that I create for friends and family. It is a good addiction.

Yes I even knit on vacation


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