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Live Your Life According to You by HeatherWilson

“Imagine the world if EVERYONE believed in themselves and made choices that followed their hearts and dreams. That would be an amazing place to live. It all starts with you.” Heather Wilson (p. 38).

Wilson starts this book with a story of an ant who wants to change but everyone says it cannot be done. Eventually, he is able to buck tradition and follow his dream. That is what this book is about. “Living Your Life” not just existing or getting by but truly choosing your path, and creating action plans to get there. Wilson even provides the workbook pages in the text.

Right now the message really resonated with me. I am on my own life change journey starting with a healthier lifestyle. Also, my oldest child starts university next year and needs a bit of direction too. I hope that he will read it too. The message is not new but the simple steps make it seem attainable. Anyone who is making a life change should take the time to read this book.


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