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Rainy day fun…

Another rainy weekend! Oh well… we still managed to have lots of fun. Knitting was great. I finished the dinosaur sweater. Tim delivered it on Saturday and took this great shot of my nephew in the sweater. I love Friday night knitting! A great group of women with lots in common and lots to chat about. It feeds my soul.

Saturday I was on taxi duty as hubby was running a 5 mile race with his friend. On the way we picked up another little girl, then went to the Riverside Market. I wanted to make a curry that I could eat for a late lunch. Tim even made it back in time to enjoy it too. I used Masema curry paste and coconut milk for the sauce and fried up all the veggies that needed to get eaten in the fridge along with a bit of chicken breast. It was great but very filling. I am taking it for lunch this week.

Sunday started with the girls going to church as my daughter was singing. It was beautiful. At home the boys made brunch with some amazing sausages from Clow’s (a local store). We cleaned the house together after that. It is so amazing how quickly it can be completed when we all work together. After my coffee, I went to watch my niece practice with her hockey team and dropped her birthday present off to her. I hope she likes it.

This afternoon, I covered some stools in our kitchen. (I really should have taken some before shots as the stools were VERY ugly). My fabric stash had a fairly large piece of black denim that I used. I did have to sew a seam to get enough for the third stool but for no cost I essentially have new stools for our kitchen. It is so great to get little chores finished that have been needing to be finished for awhile. I cannot remember when I had first planned to do this but it was way before Christmas.

The kids ate supper early while hubby played guitar and I did a photo shoot. Yes I still need to work more with this camera. Yes it was much more fun than facing the pile of laundry.



  Marguerite wrote @

Hi Cheryl, finally found your blog. I tried adding it to my blog list but it seems there’s no RSS feed? Is there a feed that I just can’t find?

  cherylcan wrote @

I hope I fixed the problem. Let me know if it is O.K. now.

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