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Rebel on Mother’s Day

I was sufficiently spoiled on Mother’s Day with wonderful cards, breakfast in bed, and a new camera (Cannon EOS Rebel T3i). It was a beautiful day so after the scheduled Sunday activities we went for a drive. I took my camera of course. Anyone who has heard me complain about my Dad and his new camera will now have me to deal with as well. {I should have learned by now that you never say anything. Once you complain about it you are bound to do it eventually.}

I took pictures of everyone and everything. I probably need some time before I really know how to use it. The kids were great sports with all the pictures. On the way home we stopped at Frosty Treat. A family favorite. I was all excited about being able to get a smoothie, but when I got there they did not have any. I was out of luck but the kids loved their banana splits and even shared a little with me. I can have bananas and strawberries… oops some ice cream got mixed in there by mistake. So much fun.


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