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Solar Powered Cheryl

I woke up this morning to sun. I had energy and felt wonderful. It is amazing how I am keyed in to the weather. When I went in to wake my son, sun was streaming into his room. He has a beautiful water view. It was actually sparkling today! I bounced out of bed and went to make scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for my brood. Generally, my poor orphans are required to forage for breakfast as I have not been a morning person for most of the winter. I got to chat with all the kids before I left for work.

Fast forward to my morning review of all the blogs I follow. One of my friends had posted that she was “solar powered”. I love that image Christine!! I am stealing it from you and agree that I am solar powered too. My mood just goes to crap if I spend too long out of the sun.

It is absolutely beautiful today. I cannot wait to get out and enjoy the day! After work of course.


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