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Finally started my gardening

This weekend I had enough with all my excuses so I told myself I had to finally start working on my yard. I procrastinated until Monday but then I got some flowers and replanted the barrels at the end of the driveway. I weeded only about one third of my smallest flowerbed. Baby steps I know but I did start.

This week I need to finish weeding. I would also like to work in compost and put down cedar mulch. Monday my daughter needed to go to the dandelion festival and my middle boy wanted to see a movie. I did both. The Dandelion Festival had dandelion pancakes, newspaper hats, and face painting. She did it all. I looked into different ferns. I would love to put some in my front bed as it is generally shaded. I am not sure if the bed is wet enough for ferns though.Later we went to a movie “Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides” in 3D. It was good. I loved one on one time with my son. We laughed and relaxed together. Problem is I did not plan well, as it may rain for the rest of the week. If I do not touch the flowerbeds again until next weekend they will be weed beds. Oh well, family fun must sometimes come first.

Last night, as part of my focus on health (and in order to get my yard done quickly), I worked on the bed in front of my house. It looked like rain any minute but never more than threatened. I mixed in some good compost and moved some flowers from around the bird bath. I even had a bit of red cedar mulch left to put on the bed. It looks good and got some rain overnight to help everything grow. I will have to finish it tonight. The plan is to work in the coffee grinds that I got from Starbucks. I am hoping this will keep down the slugs. I seem to have lots in my yard this year. I will take some pictures as soon as things start looking the way I want.


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  Marguerite wrote @

Sounds like you’ve gotten a really good amount of work done. Congrats! This year has been difficult with the finicky weather. I’m lagging far behind in my garden chores.

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