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www.Wonder, by Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J Sawyer’s books take the scientific “what if” all the way to the society level. The technique provides a thought provoking and engrossing read. In WWW:Wonder, the of the vast consciousness spontaneously emerging from the infrastructure of the World Wind Web elicits major societal concerns. Webmind has already had one attempt to destroy it prior to the start of this book. He has proven his worth to humanity by aiding in everything from curing cancer to easing international tensions. But the brass at the Pentagon still see Webmind as a threat to be eliminated. Caitlin Decter-the once-blind sixteen-year-old math genius who discovered, and bonded with, Webmind must continue to protect her friend in this final book.  Although, now that the word is out about Webmind, she can recruit family and friends around the world to help.

The theme of maturation continues in the final book of this trilogy WWW:Wonder. Hobo, half chimpanzee, half bonobo, has made his choice to follow his peaceful instincts. His connection with Webmind becomes official. Caitlin continues to mature as her relationship with her boyfriend and other classmates evolves. Caitlin and Hobo’s development play counterpoint to the emerging intelligence of Webmind. This theme is wonderful for the books’ young adult audience, as they should also be exploring choices and consequences. I loved how this theme was followed through the plot with the splitting of Webmind, and the questions evoked by the epilogue.

I really enjoyed this trilogy. Especially the discussions with my husband and son who also read the books.


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