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Review of Still Alice by Lisa Genova.

Still Alice sat on my shelf for over a year. Not because I did not want to read it but because I was not able to think about it. Knowing there is a family history of Alzheimer’s and remembering visiting my great-grandmother never knowing who I would be to her when I got there made it a bit hard to face this book.

Lisa Genova holds  Ph.D. in neuroscience from Harvard University which really helps in the authenticity of campus life portrayed in her debut novel. Told by Alice Howland, we follow this successful midcareer Cognitive Psychology Professor, and mother of three grown children, through her descent into early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I really connected with Alice. Her teaching and research proiorities along with the lengths she went to keep everything normal made her feel so real. The slow loss of this independence was devstating to read about. Especially, her plans of sucide, her moments confusion, and clinging to her professional life to the detriment of her students were so heartbreaking. A powerfully emotional read about the loss of self and the experience of Alzeimer’s disease and its effects on an entire family.

I loved this book and was surprised to learn that Lisa Genova self-published her book first, before it was picked up by Simon & Schuster. Read more about Lisa Genova and her amazing debut novel HERE. Discussion questions can be found HERE.


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