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My son the graduate

It seems like only yesterday that I was eighteen years old expecting my first child. Now he is that age and a graduate too. The world is so different from the one I knew as a teen. I tried to help based on my experience. He will have to let you know how I did. I do know that I did not alway assume correctly but we muddled through it.

A proud parent I invited all my aunts and uncles to the graduation party before the ceremony. It was so much fun. We looked at old pictures, remembered lots of moments, and had a wonderful meal together. Thank you all for coming and making it such a special night. We do not all get together enough. Then it was off to the ceremony on Tuesday night, June 21, 2011. I loved how effienctly the Bluefield staff ran the ceremony. It was surreal as he walked across the stage. We got a great shot together afterwards (Thanks Ruth!).

After the ceremony, he took off with his friends.

Tim and I went home and sat with a glass of wine discussing  the last nineteen years growing up together. Time really goes by quickly. I do not feel like I am old enough to have a graduate starting university in the fall but here it is. I am so proud.


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