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Neverest rouses Summerside PEI

When my son started gushing about Neverest, I must admit, I had never heard of them. He was absolutely thrilled that they were coming to PEI. Two tickets and a few weeks later we were on our way to the Habourfront Festival in Summerside, PE.

Of course being me, I had to do some research before going to the concert. “We all have our own Mount Everest,” says frontman, Spyros ‘Spee’ Chalkiotis, “and we’re never going to rest until we accomplish the things we want to as a band.” Great message especially when it is your teenager that loves their music. Their first single “About Us” was available for me to watch on YouTube, after that the excitement for the concert was infectious.

Spee, Mike, Paul, and Brendon did not disappoint! They were upbeat and made each member of the audience feel special despite the small crowd, cold wind, and mosquitoes. Real showmen a natural rapport developed between the guys and the audience. Hannah got to go on stage while Spee sang “Everything”. They were reading tweets and answering questions from the audience. My absolute favorite part of the show was when Brendon came up front and the band did their acoustic songs. I did not realize what great vocals he has as well as highlighting his percussion talent.  I would have to say that my son’s favorite part was after the concert when the band came into the field to sign CDs, posters, etc.

Neverest displayed a zest and talent in concert that is not as evident in may more renowned groups whose concerts I have attended. Thanks for a wonderful bonding evening with my son Neverest. I cannot wait to hear more from you!


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