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I love the Mack so we try to go every year. “Come-All-Ye” is this year’s production… really a staged Island kitchen party complete with Island singer songwriters and comic dialogue. According to the PEI Dictionary, a Come All Ye (pronounced Come All-Yuh, with emphasis on “All”) is “a no-invitation-required party with Island ballads, music and witticisms”. We all wish we had friend like these to entertain us. My in-laws and my husband came with me and we got to sit with a wonderful couple visiting from NS. We laughed aloud at the “so true” comments about the Island and Islanders. It made for a wonderful camradrie with new friends.

Chas Guay mentioned this production when he sang “Little City”, one of the songs from Come-All-Ye, at Harmony House for the Festival of Small Halls. I absolutely loved “Little City”! Chas is an amazing musician and is accompanied by other greats in this cast. John Connolly is both a cast member and creative director of the production. He and Wade Lynch wrote the first song in the show, to explain a Come-All-Ye: “It’s a shindig like no other kind!”. Carolyn Bernard plays multiple instruments during the performance and shares a passionate performance of “Plus Jamais le Mer”. Her amazing performance becomes stunning when it is announced she is the mom of a nine month old. I know after my babies I was barely functioning let alone performing in a six night a week show.  Another multi-instrumentalist, Mark Haines made me feel like he was playing just for me. His ability to engage with the audience while performing beautiful music is second to none. Ashley Condon’s version of Nathan Wiley’s bluesy “Bottom Dollar Baby” was so good it gave me chills. All these amazing Islanders together on the stage make the music reverberate so satisfyingly!

I must admit that for me Patrick Ledwell stole the show. A native Islander from a long line of storytellers, his irreverent look at all things Island was great. I loved his door knob covers story, and must admit I have been the giver of indeterminate knit crafts. It made me laugh aloud as did many of his observation. But the most poignant part of the show was the recitation by Patrick of his father’s poem:


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  Tim wrote @

Great review. The poem was the highilght for me as well as little city. Great night!

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