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A hug can change my day

I am blessed with a wonderful family but, like many of us, I do not always appreciate this. September is bad for me. The new semester adds teaching to an already full schedule. Invariably I get sick. This week I am fighting a cold, working full time, teaching, and trying to keep kid schedules straight. Wednesday is teaching night, so trying to be smarter this year, I do not rush home, and then rush back to the university. It means less stress but I miss seeing my daughter on Wednesday nights.

Last night I arrived home, had a drink, and tried to relax into a TV stupor. The boys were all great. We had a good discussion about the social implications of the “Survivor”. I love hearing how they see a situation and its social implications. But I still had some trouble letting go and relaxing into the evening, my mind kept spinning back through the evaluation that was not coming together, the student who was out of touch, and all those other stray thoughts that push to the surface as soon as I slow down. Knitting was not even working for me.

This morning, I woke my daughter and my son, and went about the morning routine. Bleary eyed I was kind of lost wandering around the kitchen waiting for the coffee and wondering what I could eat for breakfast. My little ray of sunshine ran through yelling at her father. “Yes! I am on my way out the door but I NEED to give my Mom a hug.” Three seconds and a quick squeeze later, I am ready for whatever the day throws my way.