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Cleanse with Hot Yoga

For the next two weeks I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing hot yoga at 6:30 am three times a week. I am pairing this with a natural food cleanse supervised by Rachelle Wood. I would not be doing the Hot Yoga except that she is doing a Lean & Clean Detox Duo. Many of my friends love hot yoga. I love yoga, especially on the beach. But, I hate heat.

The first class was better than I thought. I did not pass out or throw up. Around 30 minutes in I had to leave for a couple of minutes, but I went back and finished my class. My goal today was to get through the whole class without leaving the room. I made it! I am so excited. Maybe by the end of this week I can push my yoga poses.

Generally, I do not cleanse, but with a nutritionist and using food as medicine, I thought I would give it a go. We are trying to stay as natural as possible with eating. Normally, I am gluten-, lactose-, and nightshade-free, with the cleanse I have taken out all juices, eggs, red meat, pork, fruit (except granny smith apples), and sugar. It is not as hard as I thought it would be, as long as I eat every few hours. Do not get me wrong. Last night watching a show with my family, it was difficult to have an apple while everyone else was having chips. It is working though. I am getting back on track and feeling much better.


Gratitude and Family Gathering

Written on Thanksgiving weekend 2011

This year I have so much to be grateful for. Our marriage is very close, although we may not always agree we can discuss issues and do respect our diverse interests and work. My oldest has started university and is doing well. My two youngest are in junior high. Having fun and participating in their various interests. However, the weekend was a bit different because both my parents and my in-laws were out of town.

We planned two big dinners; one for Saturday and one for Sunday. On Saturday night we had smoked ham and scalloped potatoes. My aunt came bearing dessert. Her homemade butterscotch pie. Wow it was amazing. The whole meal was wonderful. Spending the day around home cleaning and preparing a large meal really made me appreciate our home and immediate family. My baby had a friend over and made carrot muffins to share too. We had such lively discussions and were entertained with a preteen fashion show.

On Sunday, it was so warm and beautiful that we gave up on housecleaning. Hubby and I enjoyed the deck while the turkey roasted. There is something so good about the smell permeating the entire house and drifting across the yard. I even made sausage dressing with sausages from Clow’s. Yummy.

Monday we ate leftovers. The whole family was able to get together to go apple picking and for a hike on the Strathgartney Nature Trail. I need to get out to enjoy nature more.

My wrinkled map

The cribchronicles post on November 16 really made me think. I have been reflecting on the following ever since I read it:

“my map is a wrinkled thing, now, scribbled in the margins, torn in a few places. i keep revising it as i go. it got easier to use when i stopped thinking it had to look pretty… what does your map look like? what shapes it?”

My map is wrinkled, torn, well-used, and marked up by jerky paths. Kind of like one of my daughter’s assignments left in the bottom of her backpack for a few weeks, then pulled out and presented as the good copy. Sometimes I feel like an old paper, trying to look new and fresh. Why do I need to be new or fresh. Wrinkles impart experience, which leads to acceptance of life and love.

My career has been on hiatus for awhile now. I love what I am doing but it is a casual position that will be ending in January. The people I am surrounded by daily “feed my soul”. Now I have the foresight to avoid people who drain my energy or to say “No” when I really just want to stay at home with my family.  Love is really working for me . I have found a partner who gets me (as much as anyone can), and children who are loving, smart and supportive. Who could ask for more. I am finally participating in life not frantically trying to catch everything while missing the most important things along the way. It is very freeing but extremely scary to decide to leave security of a permanent position. This wrinkled, detour laden map, is taking me by the right path. I need to trust myself and follow. Such a hard thing to do when you are a dreamer, who wants to soar but is scared of heights.


I recently realized that in December I will have been a parent for 19 years. Time does fly. Considering I became a parent at 19, I will after this year have been a parent for longer than I was not a parent. It is hard to believe and also hard to let go. One of my favorite quotes about parenting is:
“It is one thing to show your child the way, and a harder thing to then stand out of it.” ~Robert Braul

Parenting is a slow process of letting go. A baby comes to you so helpless and needing so much from you. In those early days, you may lack sleep but you have so much control over their lives. As your children get older, you lose that control in stages. School is an outside influence, friends become more important, and children make choices that make you cringe. They are our children, but want their own life. I need to stand aside and be there when they come to me. (I find it so hard to wait).