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Cleanse with Hot Yoga

For the next two weeks I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing hot yoga at 6:30 am three times a week. I am pairing this with a natural food cleanse supervised by Rachelle Wood. I would not be doing the Hot Yoga except that she is doing a Lean & Clean Detox Duo. Many of my friends love hot yoga. I love yoga, especially on the beach. But, I hate heat.

The first class was better than I thought. I did not pass out or throw up. Around 30 minutes in I had to leave for a couple of minutes, but I went back and finished my class. My goal today was to get through the whole class without leaving the room. I made it! I am so excited. Maybe by the end of this week I can push my yoga poses.

Generally, I do not cleanse, but with a nutritionist and using food as medicine, I thought I would give it a go. We are trying to stay as natural as possible with eating. Normally, I am gluten-, lactose-, and nightshade-free, with the cleanse I have taken out all juices, eggs, red meat, pork, fruit (except granny smith apples), and sugar. It is not as hard as I thought it would be, as long as I eat every few hours. Do not get me wrong. Last night watching a show with my family, it was difficult to have an apple while everyone else was having chips. It is working though. I am getting back on track and feeling much better.


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