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Genesis Mirus Book 1 by Kait Nolan

Nolan takes us to a world where paranormal beings are living all around us. Their paramount rule is to keep humans unaware of their existence. I love Nolan’s work and follow her blogs. Genesis is the compilation of two novellas and short story, previously published and available individually. I love how well they fit together. All connected by Le Loup Garou, a New Orleans bar with mixed clientele.

The bar is first introduced in Forsaken by Shadow, when the rouge enforcer Embry Hollister goes there with her former adopted brother and one time love, Cade Shepard. He is currently living under another name. His memory was wiped when he was banished from her world years ago. She needs him to relearn shadowwalking, and remember who he is, to aid in the rescue of her father, his former mentor.

Mick, the wolf-shifter bartender from Le Loup Garou, sees trouble when Sophie walks out of the hurricane into his bar. Sophie is intent on finding her human sister. Who is also Mick’s missing bartender Lisa. Mick and Sophie form an alliance to attempt the rescue of Lisa whose captor wants the Devil’s Eye.  Both realize that family or pack is what you identify it as, going to extreme ends in a rescue attempt, and become tied to each other for life.

The final story, Blindsight, follows Isla. Isla is a seer. Her talents caused her to captured and held by a paranormal crime lord for many years. She chafes at her bonds and longs to escape. Ransom, an assassin, offers her a chance to escape. However, when she touches Ransom all she sees is blood and death. Can she trust him? Does she dare run away?

Genesis is only the beginning of the series. I look forward to following more of these characters. Nolan is great at involving the reader in the action. The book was a quick read as I was so engrossed in the action I did not want to put it down.


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