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You and I together 18 years

In my mind I am still that young girl that married you 18 years ago today, but we have walked together many miles since that day. I am amazed at how quickly the time goes by. Our children are beautiful but growing up so fast. Gone are the days of sleepless nights awake with a baby. While there are still sleepness nights waiting for to hear the car in the driveway before we really settle down. I would not trade it. We made three amazing individuals. I am so excited watching them become such wonderful young people.

I tell everyone that we grew up together. It is really true. I learned to budget and be an adult with you. But we still had lots of fun. I love that you know me so well. Sometimes better than I know myself. You support me so much through it all. You are my rock and foundation. Laughing and loving together through it all. I am so lucky and hope to grow old with you.

Tim I love you. Happy Anniversary.


Research Consultant

Last week I took the plunge. Officially, I am a research consultant and work from my home. It is kind of scary not having a pension, health plan, or other benefits. But then again it is freeing. I am doing work I am really interested in with Plus, I can work in my PJs, or yoga pants most days.

Since Friday I have been working from home, but today I realized that I needed to set up a proper work space. I had been using a little stool in the cramped office/guest room/sewing room/catch all space in our house. Today I had enough. It was not working. I could not concentrate. Even I who historically has worked on the floor in a pile of papers had to admit defeat. I could not concentrate or work efficiently in the space I had set up. Frankly, it sucked. When we set up the space it was primarily a guest room to be used as an office for a couple of hours at a time in the evening or on weekends.

After sitting there most of two days, I was uncomfortable, and my back hurt. Those that know me realize I went for years with back issues until Stott Pilates cured me. Now I baby my back. My friend Sheena fit me in for a massage on short notice. She said that I was really doing a number on my left side. Something had to be done. My poor hubby came home from a busy day at work to help me move furniture around the office. It now flows properly for work. A proper desk chair supports my back. Tomorrow will be a better day.I have my work space and my living space separate but together.

By the way if you are looking to have any research done. Contact me at