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Becoming an Outdoors Woman in PEI June 8 & 9

I did not know what I was in for when I signed up for a BOW session, but I did know I wanted to spend more time outside. The ad promised to introduce us to yoga, canoeing, bait and fly fishing. We would also get a guided nature walk. Sounded good to me, I did learn to canoe and fish (many many years ago), and had been going to yoga. Plus, the food was catered by Team Boobalicious, a local group of ladies who raise money for cancer research by catering events. I had heard their food was amazing.

My friend Jennifer was up for the challenge. We took off Friday afternoon for Souris. Supper was first… already my kind of place. While we waited we got to know the group. What an amazing group of women. The Boobalicious Team delivered the meal was so yummy. Right after supper it was time for a light yoga class. It was the only part of the weekend where I could excel. Even though the mosquitoes tried to scare us away we ended the evening around a campfire. Peggy Cilton and Lester Stubbert entertained braved the bugs to entertain the group. It was so much fun. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I crashed early.

The Boobalicious Team was in cooking for us even before we woke. After breakfast, we watched a presentation on fly fishing that made me want to do it. Even if I was not sure how I could do that without injuring myself or someone else. Have you seen how far out the lines go!! Our presenter was so excited that he ran a bit long. We had to leave quickly to go on our nature walk. I learned so much about various plants on PEI and the varieties of ferns.

My favourite part of the day was the canoeing. I loved it… even when I forgot to paddle. That is a problem when you are in the stern and supposed to be steering. Sorry Jennifer. We did some dry land training first then went on the water. I loved it. Here is a picture of us coming back to shore after we finished. 

The last part my group did was fly fishing and bait fishing. I choose bait fishing first. I had done that with a stick, not a reel. Once I figure out how it worked I got moderately proficient. No one who was fly fishing hit anyone so I was more confident trying my had at it when we switched. It was fun even though I did not catch anything. Finally, we went to watch a couple of the organizers go electrofishing. This is a technique that I used when I collected stickleback for my research. It was fun to see it again. We just finished up as it started to rain.

BOW is an international program. If you get a chance to participate in your area, go for it!!