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My Work and My Molly

Working from home is wonderful and scary all at the same time. I have to be my own motivator with all the distractions of family and amazing summer weather. It took some time for me to develop a routine that works for me, but I think that I am almost there. Heather, my own Lady in Red, has coached me though the hardest moments. Now I just have to plan in time for blogging and self-promotion. I love doing research, tracking progress, and helping clients. It is so much fun. The best part is that I can do it from anywhere. Today, I am at the Brudenell Resort in PEI. Working from my room with a view over the water, so relaxing.

My latest distraction is my new pet Molly. She is a Lab mix puppy only about eight months old. Wow… I forgot how busy puppies are. We walk every day, usually in the morning to tire her out so I can work at my desk while she chews on a toy or sleeps. She is so good to get me moving, what I will not do for myself, I will do for her. Today I am away and Molly is at home, so I am realizing how much company she is.