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Orange Baby Afghan for Gavin

It was years ago now that I knit a cotton baby afghan for Gavin (he is now in school). I found a recycled cotton yarn and only bought a enough for the blanket. His Mom, Cathy, loved the blanket and used it constantly for both him and his sister. It has worn extremely well for such a favourite. But of course the yarn is discontinued, and I still have not found a cotton that I like the feel of as well as that one.

Recently, a mutual friend, Sheena, wanted the pattern for Gavin’s blanket. I got some Bernat baby coordinates and started another one for my Etsy shop. I do write all my patterns down, but sometimes forget key notes so wanted to work through it before I gave her the pattern. I used some Bernat Baby Coordinates that I found in orange (who knew that orange was tough to find in baby yarn). It will not probably wear as well as the original cotton, but seems to be knitting up fine.


Baby Afghan for Gavin is a great pattern for those evenings when I need to knit but do not want to think.


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