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Live life moment to moment

I found out about Aisha Chaudhary at

Fifteen year-old Aisha was born with an immune deficiency disorder and overcame a predicted life expectancy of only one year to have become an accomplished artist today. Despite a serious lung disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis, her persistent optimism, extraordinary maturity in the face of impossible odds, and calm perspective on life’s challenges is inspiring:

She noted “In every difficulty there is opportunity. The power of the mind is limitless. Everything happens twice, once in your mind and once as it happens.” This resonates with me. I believe that living life to the fullest is all about framing.

I just found this draft post, and today it really resonates with me. We spent the last week saying good-bye to my Mother-in-Law, Brenda, who lost her battle with COPD. She was a strong stubborn woman who fought through this horrible disease for many years. I know that I was not fully aware of her battle until I saw her at peace, no longer suffering. The coming together of our family and friends throughout this ordeal restored me. It is amazing how others can give you strength to go on when you are unsure about yourself.

Life is precious, remember to count your blessings.