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St. Patrick’s Day – Family, Fun, & Fellowship

Since it is her school break, this year my daughter came to breakfast with me to support a local charity. She also enjoyed the music and loved the food, except for the blood pudding which she gave to me. Lucky me… will bring her again. Processed puddin’ does not compare to what Grammie and Grandad used to make. I cannot seem to find anything like it today. I may actually have to learn to make my own.

Right after we went to visit my family in Launching Place, PEI. We had a good chat on the way out and another over coffee at my parents. She stayed out for the night. Tim&CherylI enjoyed the rural winter scenery as I meandered back to Charlottetown.

Every year a coreĀ  group of friends gets together at a local pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I love this day. Even though we may only see each other in passing or not at all for the rest of the year. It is so fun to touch base and see where everyone is at. Just relaxing in a very accepting environment with some great local music makes for a mini-vacation.