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Supper and a show in Victoria PE

Monday July 28th my husband, my father-in-law and I went to Victoria for a fun filled evening. We started with supper at Beachcomber’s on the Wharf.¬† Sitting right by an open window there was a nice breeze to go with our amazing view. Tim ordered beer and kettle chip nachos (I cannot remember exactly what they were called) to get us started. I had the PEI Halibut which was well worth the price. I am from a long line of fishers and very picky about my fish, so this is high praise. They served it in a batter just like my Grandad used to make. I chose their amazing side salad. I am not exactly sure what the dressing on it was but I loved it. Both Tim and John had the chicken club. They raved about the great cheese, and homemade bread. Tim had the potato salad with it. I had to steal a bite (I am afraid that my “bite” may have been about half of his serving). I love potatoes and homemade potato salad. This fit the bill with a unique dressing. I think it had some kind of fancy mustard in it. Yes that is about as specific as my taste buds got. John had the side salad but with ranch dressing. We were pushing it catch the show so did not have dessert.

This summer the Victoria Playhouse has Musical Mondays. The 150 seats make any seat in the house good, but we were in the front row. Katie McGarry started the show. She has a distinctive voice. I was surprised when she said it was intermission because I felt like she was just getting warmed up. After intermission Meaghan Blanchand came on stage. I have heard Meaghan numerous times and appreciate her strong voice and the stories in her song. At the end of the show they shared the stage. I especially loved their harmonies and the give and take of two strong singers blending their voices. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you both.


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