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Never giggle when you read a pattern!!

One of my friends has wanted children since our childhood. She finally had her first child late last year. At the time, I decided to make a really special treasure for her little boy. I purchased yarn from mycolourwheelhouse on Etsy. Choosing Alison’s Walking After Midnight yarn was so good. It is a variegate of deep rich blue and charcoal black with a beautiful sheen from the silk content of the yarn. Yes. I know silk for a baby is crazy but I know his mom will love it. However, it required that I knit the project on very small needles. It makes a wonderfully thin and warm material, but takes forever to get anywhere on the pattern. Last week I thought that I really should finish that project (especially before he outgrows it).

I remembered back to reading the pattern as I was working through the short rows to make the butt a bit bigger than the front. I had giggled when they had said “Be sure you are working your short rows on the back of the pattern”. How would anyone be so inattentive as to miss that. Then I blissfully went on thinking how it is so cute to see the big butt in any baby pattern. I was feeling so proud that I finally figured out how to knit the yarn around the stitch together with the last stitch to make the short rows without holes. It only took me 30 some odd years of making short rows wrong before perfecting this technique. I was also enjoying the colour changes, loving the transitions from black to blue and back again. I set the project down when I’d finished the short rows. Thinking that I would leave the easy part until after the holidays.

Anyone who knits knows that you should never feel so smug about a project. I picked it up last week and started the gusset. It took me two rounds to realize that I had actually put the butt short rows on the front of the overalls. How stupid could I be!!! I ranted and raged at myself for a bit then spent some time wondering if it would really be too odd to have the buttons button on his back. Eventually I decided that even a non-knitter would know that buttons on the back of the overalls was not a “design feature”. Finally I admitted defeat, I spent the rest of the night tinking back to where I started the short rows. There the project sits. I did not even pick it up again this weekend. 12627936_1545859992408172_1603284265_n

I repeat NEVER get smug about how well you are knitting. The knitting goddess will strike you down. Maybe I will be able to face it again later today.