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Making Hay… even in the dark

I missed an amazing picture last night because my camera battery was not charged. It was dark and the farmer behind us was wrapping silage in the dark. It was supposed to rain today so I guess they wanted to get it as much done as possible. I love having a farm in my back yard and watching the whole process.

This morning I got the following shot. I love the view from our backyard.IMG_7082

Here is to getting the hay in.


The Four Tellers at the Kings Playhouse

The Four Tellers are performing on Monday nights (June 20 to September 5) this summer at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown. My aunt Joan and I went last night. What a wonderful time! I might have been a bit loud laughing and enjoying the show. I had tears running down my face at times. I love stories as you know from my last post. These guys are great.

Last night they started with a song, then David Weale came out. Eventually, he called out the rest of the tellers (Alan Buchanan, Gary Evans, & Dennis King) asking each in turn the usual PEI question “Who’s yer Father?” Each told a story about their father except for Dennis who talked about his mother in his first story (He did get to his father later in the night). They all told great stories and we sang along to some songs. Had a brief intermission and then did it over again. The show went until 10:30 pm, but the time flew by.

If you get there make sure you buy Dennis King’s book “The Day They Shot Raveen“. He tells a couple of the stories from the book in the show. I would start giggling as soon as I recognized the story and was laughing loudly way before he got to the punch line.

If you are looking for something to do on a Monday night, then you must go.


Storytellers’ Circle “Island Characters”

Monday, June 20, 2016 the Festival of Small Halls on Prince Edward Island presented a storytellers’ circle at the Stanley Bridge Hall. My cousin and I went together. Eddy Quinn and John Webster were the hosts. I absolutely love their music and their band Fiddler’s Sons. We got a sneak peek at some of the songs from their new album, so excited! One was particularly heart-wrenching about an estranged couple and a terminal diagnosis. Another told the tale of a summer with “free” beer in Georgetown. It was really upbeat and had us all clapping along. You will have to check them out this summer. I know they play all over PEI.

Boyde Beck followed Eddy and John each round. He told about the grounding of the Marco Polo on Cavendish Beach, and the first car in Canada brought in by a local priest and a couple of other stories. He’s a master of the narrative and very knowledgeable about PEI history. I love how he made history come to life by constructing their character while telling his yarns. By the end, you felt like you actually knew the people or they could have been from your community.

Michael Averill came back to PEI for this festival. He took advantage of a CN Rail initiative that allows musicians to travel for free if they entertain on the train. I had never heard of this but love the railway even more for their support of the arts. Michael’s songs are brilliant, but I loved the stories that went with them. He sucks you in with questions and gets you involved right away. I was totally entranced by an anecdote about single socks. I cannot wait to get his album with that song on it to play for my daughter, who refuses to match her socks. I also loved the Thankful song he wrote for a painter friend as a Christmas exchange. His other songs were good to but those are the two that really stuck in my head.

Peter Beven-Baker told his stories after Michael. Peter told stories from his life starting in childhood and through to his mother’s death and how emotional but beautiful it was. I especially loved the summer of being a “bird beater” and becoming a dentist because he did not want to be shot. His memories of sitting with his mother were so poignant but swept us in to our memories of loss of loved ones.

I could not believe how all of the songs and stories intertwined. They made me want to get up and sing (and I am NOT a singer). It was such a feel good evening. If you get a chance to take in the Festival, do it. I know I felt great afterwards.


Loving Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


I needed a fun read, we have been doing some books that I did not enjoy in my book club. Also, teaching is really cutting in to my reading time so when I actually have time to read I wanted it to be fun. On May 31, I asked hubby to pick up this book.

It is perfect. Jenny Lawson is quirky and makes her mental issues fun to read about. I really relate to her. Her stories are laugh out loud funny. Exactly what I need when I have piled my schedule too full. Realizing that other people have issues like I do, and crazy discussions (read loud approaching arguments) with their husbands. That they end up laughing about was so good for my soul.

Love it. Get it for a great summer read.