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“I like your sweater” Sweater for Knit East

I love the Yarn Harlot, she is so great. I took knitting for speed and efficiency from her at Knit East a couple of years ago and I follow her blog. In my mind she is a friend, but to be fair she has no clue who I am. Every time I meet her she is so friendly and makes me feel like I can tackle any project.

This fall I managed to convince five friends from PEI to join me on a road trip to Rhinebeck. We had a wonderful time. These women are lovely every time we got to the Duchess County Fairgrounds. we split up to explore. We each had a plan and way too much too see in the the time we had. Alone in the crowd milling around the Miss Babes booth, I got overwhelmed. You should know that I am not good in crowds but I love knitting and yarn, so I relinquished my personal space to feel the yarn. If you are a knitter you know that feeling, looking at the yarn online is just not the same. I have to squish it and pet it to know the yarn before I buy it. The crowd was kind of pushy but I needed to feel the Miss Babes yarn. I crept towards it,but was pushed back, and I started to feel my anxiety building.

Suddenly, a few feet away I saw Stephanie wading through the crowd like it was nothing. Well lets be honest at first I saw a space in the crowd that was going in a direct line, but then a couple of people moved and I saw her. She had such a confidence and I felt better just seeing her. The crowd was parting for her not pushing her around. Her sweater was done. The one I had watched her make and stress about packing. It looked amazing (see picture takenlittlewave3-2016-10-20 her blog post). I wanted to say something great to her, to let her know how seeing I familiar face helped me here were I was feeling out of my depth and overwhelmed with choice. I had spent the time leading up to the Festival wondering if I was a fraud even going. I know how to knit. I love to knit but this is RHINEBECK. Just then she was there right beside me, she’d be gone in a moment she had purpose, a direction. I blurted “I like your sweater.”

Not a friendly breezy comment, but a total fandom nerdy as only I can be nerdy plop of a comment out there like a ketchup bottle fart. She smiled said thanks and was gone. That smile brightened my day. I got to feel the yarn and kept going. When I got home, I told my knitting group this story and we all roared about how nerdy I can be. The plan is to get “I like your sweater” pins for Knit East next year. I love knitters. Even embarrassment is fun.


Knitting Projects

I did so may projects over Christmas but my big one was for a New Year’s Eve (NYE) bride. She chose the Patons Shoulder Shrug pattern and the recommended yarn, Patons North American Shetland Chunky. I do not usually like the feel of acrylic yarns but this one was
15870544_10157851558325411_429973745_nfine for me. It might have helped that it was 25% wool. I made the XL size. It actually came out bang on the stated measurements. The only issue I found was working three different cable patterns meant that I had to track each row for each of the three different sized cables. Also, I am getting older and knitting the navy on dark evenings meant I spent lots of time using my Ott Light. It was not a portable project for me so took a bit longer to finish than I expected. The result was beautiful. She loved it so it was worth it.

The other knitting project that I finished between Christmas and NYE was Peggy’s scarf. It is another pattern from the Take Heart book by Fiona Alice. Fiona Alice’s patterns are so 15110859_10157589191025411_3877968119596935014_owell written that I really enjoy making them. I already posted this picture but I am waiting to get a picture of Peggy wearing the scarf. I used Heidi’s by Hand wool from London-Wul. It is a wool/silk mix and some of the softest yarn I have used. I love it. The scarf was really long. When Peggy put it on it almost reached the floor (when she did not wrap it). I hope she uses it for many years to come.

Last week I was sick so I finished up some other projects that have been hanging over my head. I really loved the socks I made with Knit Picks Felici in the mixed berry colours. Also, I caved and started my own sock yarn blanket. I am really pleased with it.

My knitting plans for 2017 are:

  • Finish up those WIPs or frog what I will not finish.
  • Clean up my “hidden stash” so that I know what I have.
  • Make myself a sweater for Knit East.