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Finally Finished My Fade

It has been on the needles so long I feared I would never finish it, but my Find Your Fade is now off the needles and is featured as a FO on CAWcreations Episode 20.


Time and priorities…

The anniversary of posting my first knitting vlog/podcast (videos at is happening this Sunday, March 25. I have a great prize in store for a lucky viewer and will be pulling prize winners for the first quarter of the KALs that go all year. It is so exciting.

I have learned so much about recording, editing, posting videos and taking pictures. It has been so rewarding, but some decisions about time management have to be made. I am taking time away from pattern designs when I podcast. Stitchmastery has been an amazing help in charting my patterns, but there is only so much time in the day.

I also have to focus on self-care to deal with health issues. As much as I hate to say it, my podcasts will have to be only one per month until my new normal becomes habit. It is so hard to change what I am doing, but I am turning 45 this summer and really need to make me a priority in my life.

I will be podcasting next on March 25th.

Deconstructing a Sweater… Yes I am taking apart a FO

Here is the video of me tearing apart i.e. deconstructing the CAWcreations Fire in the Blue Sweater that I promised in CAWcreations Episode 19. Sometimes to get the fit, we have to rip out our stitches. It makes for a better project in the end. Look away if you have a problem with destroying FOs.