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Spring Saturday Fun

I have been busy with life. It is crazy how busy considering that my children are grown and mostly they just take my car to do their own things. I do not have to run to any sports or interviews in the evenings or competitions on weekends. I really do not know how I fit them in when I did. I did not think that I would have much trouble with this transition. I always say that parenting is a slow process of letting go. We raised our three to be independent adults and now they are. I should be cheering and I am really but I do miss seeing them so much.

This has also made me realize that I have not spent lots of time out with my parents in the last few years as I have focused on my own children. This Saturday I went out to Launching Place PE with my dog Molly. We went for a long walk then spent the rest of the morning with Mom and Dad. I got lots of pictures of our walk and stop at MacPhee’s Orchard sugar shack. My family is not always great to take pictures. It was a lovely day.

MacPhee’s Orchard Maple Syrup Shack


Need a name for this pattern…

So I called this the Bulky Messy Bun Hat when I drafted the first one but there is now a ponytail hat, a messy bun hat, a closed top reversible hat, and a Pom Pom hat. All on the same free pattern.


The hat above is knit using Fleece and Harmony‘s Belfast Blend and Knitty Little Secret‘s faux fur Pom Pom. I love how it turned out. I added an extra round on the knit sections to give pom pom hat its slouch.


This is the messy bun with the larger opening. The ponytail has half as many stitches on the cast off edge.

Any ideas for pattern name?