Getting on Track and Living Simply

On Monday I finally recorded Episode 21 of CAWcreations Podcast (well vlog actually but many knitters still refer to their videos as podcasts). I had hoped it would be a month between episodes but it was more. I am feeling behind on everything and playing catch up. I hate this feeling and am working toward a simple living plan that will give me more time.

The hardest thing is not packing my nights and weekends with events that are draining more than they are fulfilling and replacing them with time with family and friends that I find invigorating. This means that sometimes I have to say no to things that I know I cannot do. It is freeing. For example, Wednesday night I skipped knitting to work on a pattern that I am trying to get out this week. I missed seeing my friends but I got to bed at a decent time instead of working after I got home. That late night work is not great anyways, especially when doing final edits.

I am also trying to clean out my craft room. It is now at the point where it looks worse than when I started. I need to do a stash purge and give away some of the material. This is hard because “I just might need that!”. Let me be real. I have not sewn in ages. I need to take my machine in for servicing. I have three… yes three quilts half finished. One for a military friend who has had two postings since I started it. Now I cannot even walk in the door. I have to pick at it this weekend. It is so bad that my husband would not go in to get a chair one day because there was no path through to the chair (that is 3 feet from the door). I can even see the mess now as I write and am feeling stressed about it. This used to be my go to room to relax in.

Now for the good news I am feeling healthier. It is this eating plan where I focus on vegetables and fruit with few processed foods. Some days are better than others but I am generally feeling better, no more running to the bathroom all the time and fewer migraines. Last night I wanted to be bad but instead I cut up a sweet potato and made fries from scratch using coconut oil. So good and my children loved them too. I think even making sure I drink enough water is helping.

My mindfulness and meditation focus is helping my positive outlook. Walking in the morning at coffee break or a short meditation (I am a fair weather walker even a hint of rain or wind and I will balk) makes my mornings so much better. Then I can focus on simple things like enjoying an especially good pot of coffee or how beautiful my plants look.

Here is to appreciating the little rainbows in each day!


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