07 – Scrappy Soap C published in CAWcreations 2018 Knitting Calendar eBook of patterns

07 – Scrappy Soap C came out in the CAWcreations 2018 Knitting Calendar eBook of patterns. It can be knit flat or in the round. These patterns are useful to learn different knitting techniques using small bits of scrap yarn.

C is for the main technique of the pattern, the cable. Cabling is so much fun. You can make so many different designs. On the soap cover it makes a wonderfully textured surface. I used reverse stockinette to give it a bit more texture. If you knit it flat then you can sew it around your soap. I added a version where you use Judy’s Magic cast on (as you would for toe up socks). This is a great way to learn the technique without having to knit a full sock before doing it again. I like using worsted or aran weight yarn because it is a quicker knit. It also allows you to really see your stitches so you can understand exactly what you are doing.

If you want the soap cover to felt as the soap shrinks, then I suggest that you use 100% wool. I used Fleece and Harmony wool. It is so soft and felts well. I love all the beautiful colour options too. Just know that if you use a deep colour and warm water, you will see some of the dye in the water. It did not stain my skin but we did see it. The colours are so beautiful you have to try them though. I love their new Meadow Collection!

I used The Great Canadian Soap Company‘s seconds of approximately 100g to fill my soaps. It does not matter what shape the soap is because I am covering it with beautiful yarn. I love their scented and unscented soaps. You can even buy shampoo bars there for those of us trying to use less plastic.

Hope you have as much fun with this pattern as I have!

Happy Knitting.


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