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I have decided that I will begin uploading some of my patterns as .pdf files for free on the patterns section of my website here. Initially, I posted 5 patterns for free. I will continue to add more as each week of isolation increases. Knitting is a wonderful hobby for people at home.

I also created a video on how to make a dishcloth. This year I gave Ireland a skein of cotton yarn and some knitting needles at Halloween. I promised a knitting tutorial to her. A few months later, I did my first tutorial. It teaches the following knitting skills:

  • Make a slip stitch
  • Cast on (CO) by knitting into stitches
  • Knit (K)
  • Yarn Over (YO)
  • Knit two together (K2tog)
  • Cast off

I love this pattern to start teaching because students do not need to know how to purl. They start with only 4 stitches and increase by one stitch each row to the centre of the cloth, then decrease one stitch each row to the end of the cloth. Also, this is going to be used to wash dishes. Perfection is not needed and you can allow for a few mistakes.

I plan to create a new tutorial this week and maybe make a blog post.

Stay safe everyone, and Happy Knitting !



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