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I started this blog as a writing exercise. My academic background meant that many of my writing projects are trapped in numerous revision cycles. This blog will post my first drafts of my thoughts on my life or on any literature that I am reading. It will be difficult for me to hit publish after just one revision but that is the plan. I hope you will overlook any of my errors and challenge me on any of these topics. I hope this will be an enjoyable memoir as I progress towards a fun and readable writing voice.



  Leslie wrote @

Hi Cheryl!
Vicki showed me your fabulous site today. Fun to see pictures of you knitting…even on vacation! I love what you wrote about your husband saying, “The knitting never stops!” I love knitting too and agree with you that it is so calming!

  Evelyn Dalton wrote @

Iva Schurman forwarded me your e-mail My name is Evelyn Dalton ,my site is, so pleased that you modified my Bubble Mitt Pattern and put it on ravelry,

  Thea wrote @

Can’t figure out how to get your worksocks pattern. I made socks and want to make some more. ????

  cherylcan wrote @

go on Ravelery. Click on patterns and search Old Fashioned Work socks. It costs $1 to buy it there.

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