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Getting on Track and Living Simply

On Monday I finally recorded Episode 21 of CAWcreations Podcast (well vlog actually but many knitters still refer to their videos as podcasts). I had hoped it would be a month between episodes but it was more. I am feeling behind on everything and playing catch up. I hate this feeling and am working toward a simple living plan that will give me more time.

The hardest thing is not packing my nights and weekends with events that are draining more than they are fulfilling and replacing them with time with family and friends that I find invigorating. This means that sometimes I have to say no to things that I know I cannot do. It is freeing. For example, Wednesday night I skipped knitting to work on a pattern that I am trying to get out this week. I missed seeing my friends but I got to bed at a decent time instead of working after I got home. That late night work is not great anyways, especially when doing final edits.

I am also trying to clean out my craft room. It is now at the point where it looks worse than when I started. I need to do a stash purge and give away some of the material. This is hard because “I just might need that!”. Let me be real. I have not sewn in ages. I need to take my machine in for servicing. I have three… yes three quilts half finished. One for a military friend who has had two postings since I started it. Now I cannot even walk in the door. I have to pick at it this weekend. It is so bad that my husband would not go in to get a chair one day because there was no path through to the chair (that is 3 feet from the door). I can even see the mess now as I write and am feeling stressed about it. This used to be my go to room to relax in.

Now for the good news I am feeling healthier. It is this eating plan where I focus on vegetables and fruit with few processed foods. Some days are better than others but I am generally feeling better, no more running to the bathroom all the time and fewer migraines. Last night I wanted to be bad but instead I cut up a sweet potato and made fries from scratch using coconut oil. So good and my children loved them too. I think even making sure I drink enough water is helping.

My mindfulness and meditation focus is helping my positive outlook. Walking in the morning at coffee break or a short meditation (I am a fair weather walker even a hint of rain or wind and I will balk) makes my mornings so much better. Then I can focus on simple things like enjoying an especially good pot of coffee or how beautiful my plants look.

Here is to appreciating the little rainbows in each day!


Journey with my weighted blanket

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will already know I recently purchased a weighted blanket. I have had sleep issues for more than twenty years. I like to blame my children but that is really not why. But, it has meant I have managed to complete lots of things at night: my thesis, many books, and lots of knitting projects. I would rather be sleeping though.

My friend Rhea brought her new weighted blanket to Girls Weekend at Pictou Lodge. Wow… I loved it. She did too. I finally bit the bullet this February and ordered one from Courtnee’s Weighted Blankets in NS. I told Courtnee that I liked space and purple. She found the perfect materials that I checked before she made the blanket.


I do not care if it is a placebo. It worked I got sleep. It worked so well that after a week or so I did not even need the blanket anymore, so I loaned it to my son. He needed to get some sleep during the preparation for exams.

My only issue with the blanket was that you really have to be careful washing it. This was not a problem until my dog threw up on it. Then I decided to put it in the front load washer instead of cleaning it by hand. I have a 25 pound version of the blanket.

Only one square ripped but it did make a big mess of little beads in my washer. Courtnee was very good. Any time I am in her area she said to give her a heads up and she will repair it for me. If you decide to get on, then be very sure to wash it on the delicate cycle.

I so pleased with being able to sleep. I am thinking clearer and doing things faster. My only minor problem is not so much knitting and pattern design is happening. Now, I have to find time during the day to do it.

Spring Saturday Fun

I have been busy with life. It is crazy how busy considering that my children are grown and mostly they just take my car to do their own things. I do not have to run to any sports or interviews in the evenings or competitions on weekends. I really do not know how I fit them in when I did. I did not think that I would have much trouble with this transition. I always say that parenting is a slow process of letting go. We raised our three to be independent adults and now they are. I should be cheering and I am really but I do miss seeing them so much.

This has also made me realize that I have not spent lots of time out with my parents in the last few years as I have focused on my own children. This Saturday I went out to Launching Place PE with my dog Molly. We went for a long walk then spent the rest of the morning with Mom and Dad. I got lots of pictures of our walk and stop at MacPhee’s Orchard sugar shack. My family is not always great to take pictures. It was a lovely day.

MacPhee’s Orchard Maple Syrup Shack

Time and priorities…

The anniversary of posting my first knitting vlog/podcast (videos at is happening this Sunday, March 25. I have a great prize in store for a lucky viewer and will be pulling prize winners for the first quarter of the KALs that go all year. It is so exciting.

I have learned so much about recording, editing, posting videos and taking pictures. It has been so rewarding, but some decisions about time management have to be made. I am taking time away from pattern designs when I podcast. Stitchmastery has been an amazing help in charting my patterns, but there is only so much time in the day.

I also have to focus on self-care to deal with health issues. As much as I hate to say it, my podcasts will have to be only one per month until my new normal becomes habit. It is so hard to change what I am doing, but I am turning 45 this summer and really need to make me a priority in my life.

I will be podcasting next on March 25th.

Art inspires Art and My Mistake

This Sunday I was able to attend a concert at Fleece and Harmony featuring the Amanda Jackson Trio (my favourite group). I was so excited. The music was so inspiring. It was a cosy concert as there were 40 of us in the shop space at Fleece and Harmony. I love when you get to  actually see the musicians’ expressions as they perform. The group is so amazing and appear so relaxed performing. I have listened to Fire in the Blue so often I could even sing along. Fire_in_the_Blue_DigitalArt-1

Just before the intermission, I got to give Amanda the surprise project I have been working on for ages. It is a CAWcreations original cardigan designed just for her using the Fire in the Blue colour way on Fleece and Harmony’s Heritage yarn. The pattern used the cover art from their album to create fire and trees up the sweater. I am so proud of the result. She loved it!!

I also promised to talk about my mistake. Anyone who purchased a 2018 Knitting Calendar (the mini desktop version) may have noticed the error in the third week of January already. There are also two February 26ths (the Sunday should be the 25th of February). I have checked and the rest of the calendar is O.K. I am offering a free CAWcreations pattern to make up for this error.

Choices are at either Fleece and Harmony or my Ravelry webpages. The pattern options are as follows:

  • Squall Scarf (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Hap(py) Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Zig Zag Baby Cardigan (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Baby Pants (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Beach Day Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Gavin’s Blanket Baby (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)
  • Old Fashioned Work Socks (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)

Send me an email at:

Remember to let me know the pattern you want and your Ravelry name.



Living in a Snow Globe

It has been quite warm for Canada so far this winter. We got rain recently that cleared our snow away. One day that Quebec got slammed, I posted the picture below to show my friend that we had none. However, todayB912D7CD-0432-41F8-B9EA-0956B4D60FCC (January 17, 2018) I live in a snow globe. Beautiful flakes coming down slowly with not wind. It hardly ever happens that we get a storm and no wind on Prince Edward Island. Too bad the camera did not pick up the pretty snowflakes. I am home sick so the softly falling snow is lulling me to sleep this afternoon. So pretty.

IMG_0221Relaxing and healing.IMG_0222

New Year Plans

I manged to do one more CAWcreations Podcast before the end of 2017. I have really loved this and look forward to continuing it next year. It was a great way to review the knitting and designing I have completed. Such a busy year, so much learning and fun. I am so excited to see what everyone else thinks of all my hard work so far.

Today is my first day back at the university. Students are back tomorrow. There is so much to do but it is the cycle of it. I love the school calendar and planning for the new semester. Here is to being an excellent support to our students and professors. We have a newly renovated space that I am looking forward to using. It all looks so clean and new. I even have a new office. My plan is to clear out the unnecessary “junk” and start the space off with only necessary stuff.

Now for new year plans, NOT resolutions because those never work for me. I plan to…

  • Make time for a walk each day,
  • Meditate when I feel stressed
  • Make healthy choices most often

My word for the year is:


adjective: holistic
  1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    • Medicine
      characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.