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New Year Plans

I manged to do one more CAWcreations Podcast before the end of 2017. I have really loved this and look forward to continuing it next year. It was a great way to review the knitting and designing I have completed. Such a busy year, so much learning and fun. I am so excited to see what everyone else thinks of all my hard work so far.

Today is my first day back at the university. Students are back tomorrow. There is so much to do but it is the cycle of it. I love the school calendar and planning for the new semester. Here is to being an excellent support to our students and professors. We have a newly renovated space that I am looking forward to using. It all looks so clean and new. I even have a new office. My plan is to clear out the unnecessary “junk” and start the space off with only necessary stuff.

Now for new year plans, NOT resolutions because those never work for me. I plan to…

  • Make time for a walk each day,
  • Meditate when I feel stressed
  • Make healthy choices most often

My word for the year is:


adjective: holistic
  1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    • Medicine
      characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

New Trail at Strathgartney Provincial Park

Saturday morning I finally managed to get on the Bakery Bears POP Live event. The hardest part of the whole thing was figuring the time difference (yes I am that person that always confuses time zones). It was so fun chatting about knitting and making a bunch of new knitting friends.

Dan mentioned that although the knitters had made it around the world, that the runners had not. I am no runner but apparently they allow walkers/hikers on their team. I was inspired so as soon as the POP Live event was finished Tim, Molly, and I hit the trail.

Tim knew that Strathgarteny Provincial Park had hired some students to create new trails in the park this summer. Last weekend we had checked our geocache at the park but had not made it down to the trail. I really wanted see what they had done because the last hill on the old trail was a killer for me with my asthma. I do want to keep moving but have to balance that with my breathing. You know breathing is kind of important.

We walked down through the park roads to the old trail entrance (picture on left above). Instead of going straight across the bridge to take the old trail, you turn left and can see two new trails along this side of the stream. We took the one closest to the clearing. It was a beautiful walk through the woods (see pictures below). I think it could be good for biking too. All the banks are shored up with island stone and there is a new bridge across the stream as you get deeper into the woods. We came out in a clearing that led us back to the parking lot that you use when the main gate is closed.

I cannot wait to go again to try the other trail right from the parking lot.

On Sunday, I posted CAWcreations Podcast Episode 10. I did the recording and then went to Knitting at Beanz. When I got home, I did all the editing and posted CAWcreations E10 on YouTube by later in the evening. I think it is my best episode yet as I am finally starting to relax in front of the camera. Let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Knitting.

Lunch at the Market

I love our summer routine of going to the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market for lunch. It is great to go for a walk in the middle of the day and to see so many familiar faces. The market makes me happy. My only issue is choosing what to have. Everything is so good that I have trouble choosing.

Coffee comes first at the Caledonia House/Coffee Corner. They have wonderful double lattes. I can even get my almond milk. If you just need regular coffee you can get that too. If it is a really warm day I will go for a lemonade at the Hand Popped Kettle Corn booth (as I can get it without sugar). Alternatively, I will grab an ice tea lemonade mix from Lady’s Baker’s Tea Trolley.

Food choices always depend on my mood. Out of Africa has my favourite samosas because I absolutely love the green sauce. Everything is good so I let Makena decide when I am hungry enough for a full meal. La Sazon de Mexico is amazing, but I love their Mexican breakfast which I get on Saturday. Wednesday is my day to try something else. If I decide to have bread then I have to choose between: Chef Ross’ smoked salmon on a bagel (he has many other great things including a lobster roll but I crave the smoked salmon if I get anything else); or The Hearth’s cheese, sprouts and tomato sandwich on homemade bread. Finally, I will go to Shaddy’s for a falafel. That does not even begin to cover all the other great things. These are my repeated choices.

Nurturing Essence Raw Chocolate is always my dessert. Any time I host an event I get Katlin to choose some treats for me to share. I love chocolate but this raw chocolate is my favourite by far.

The Charlottetown Farmers Market is open on Saturday and Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm in the summer. In the winter, it goes back to a Saturday only market. If you are in Charlottetown any of those days you have to check it out.

Biking and Knitting on a summer Sunday

I am trying to bike more. The last three weekends I did 5K, 12K, and yesterday 16K. I had hoped to do 20K but I got a little too brave going through a gate on the trail near Morell, PE. The bike went through no scratches but my leg is bruised. Great time of the year to get a Florida shaped bruise covering most of my thigh. We got a great picture before the accident, and went to Rick’s Fish and Chips in St. Peters after. Nothing like the best Fish ‘n Chips in PEI to make you forget the pain.


I did make it to Beanz for knitting afterwards. There’s nothing like the knitting crew to help you forget pain by focusing on fun conversation. The staff at Beanz was so friendly even after being slammed all day. They all make me smile.

I even got a special delivery at knitting. My uncle, Peter, made me a knitting table. It has three dowels at the back that I can put the yarn cakes on so they do not roll around the floor. I absolutely love it (and all that I sent him was a picture from Pinterest). Here it is:


I am in the process of varnishing it. I hope to have it done for knitting on Tuesday at my place. Such a great day.


2013 Busy Fall Semester

Where did the time go from September until now. I feel like we just got back home from our summer getaway in NS. Now, it is almost December.

Samuel Doiron, became the newest member of our family for the last 3 months. I cannot believe that he only has a week left in PEI. We had our last Sunday brunch this morning, and the turkey is in the oven for supper. The first weekend he was here, we went to Anne of Green Gables house. IMG_8495Since then we have been trying to introduce him to various fun things we do I PEI. He evengot to Basin Head on October 5th. I managed to convince Dan and Sam to jump in. Yes it was crazy, but I think they had fun. IMG_8758I know that the other people there, myself included had lots of fun watching them. It is amazing at how close you become living together for a few months. I am sure Dan will have an amazing time in Quebec with Sam’s family.

Work has been busy. I taught Psychology 271: Statistices on Thursday nights this fall. My last class is this week. On top of that my work as a research consultant has continued to be steady. I also started working the the UPEI Psychology Department part-time in September. They have such an amazing team. It has been great getting out of the house a few days a week. I never realized how many social rewards I got from work.

My December focus with be health and balance. I just have to get back into balance, so that I can continue to post to the blog, and have some time with friends as well as work and family. I also need to focus on my own health. January / February is usually when my asthma flairs up, so this December I am being proactive by joining Pam MacDonald’s team to focus on eating well and exercise.

The plan is for me to be posting more regularly now. Talk to you all again soon.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman in PEI June 8 & 9

I did not know what I was in for when I signed up for a BOW session, but I did know I wanted to spend more time outside. The ad promised to introduce us to yoga, canoeing, bait and fly fishing. We would also get a guided nature walk. Sounded good to me, I did learn to canoe and fish (many many years ago), and had been going to yoga. Plus, the food was catered by Team Boobalicious, a local group of ladies who raise money for cancer research by catering events. I had heard their food was amazing.

My friend Jennifer was up for the challenge. We took off Friday afternoon for Souris. Supper was first… already my kind of place. While we waited we got to know the group. What an amazing group of women. The Boobalicious Team delivered the meal was so yummy. Right after supper it was time for a light yoga class. It was the only part of the weekend where I could excel. Even though the mosquitoes tried to scare us away we ended the evening around a campfire. Peggy Cilton and Lester Stubbert entertained braved the bugs to entertain the group. It was so much fun. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I crashed early.

The Boobalicious Team was in cooking for us even before we woke. After breakfast, we watched a presentation on fly fishing that made me want to do it. Even if I was not sure how I could do that without injuring myself or someone else. Have you seen how far out the lines go!! Our presenter was so excited that he ran a bit long. We had to leave quickly to go on our nature walk. I learned so much about various plants on PEI and the varieties of ferns.

My favourite part of the day was the canoeing. I loved it… even when I forgot to paddle. That is a problem when you are in the stern and supposed to be steering. Sorry Jennifer. We did some dry land training first then went on the water. I loved it. Here is a picture of us coming back to shore after we finished. 

The last part my group did was fly fishing and bait fishing. I choose bait fishing first. I had done that with a stick, not a reel. Once I figure out how it worked I got moderately proficient. No one who was fly fishing hit anyone so I was more confident trying my had at it when we switched. It was fun even though I did not catch anything. Finally, we went to watch a couple of the organizers go electrofishing. This is a technique that I used when I collected stickleback for my research. It was fun to see it again. We just finished up as it started to rain.

BOW is an international program. If you get a chance to participate in your area, go for it!!

Cleanse with Hot Yoga

For the next two weeks I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing hot yoga at 6:30 am three times a week. I am pairing this with a natural food cleanse supervised by Rachelle Wood. I would not be doing the Hot Yoga except that she is doing a Lean & Clean Detox Duo. Many of my friends love hot yoga. I love yoga, especially on the beach. But, I hate heat.

The first class was better than I thought. I did not pass out or throw up. Around 30 minutes in I had to leave for a couple of minutes, but I went back and finished my class. My goal today was to get through the whole class without leaving the room. I made it! I am so excited. Maybe by the end of this week I can push my yoga poses.

Generally, I do not cleanse, but with a nutritionist and using food as medicine, I thought I would give it a go. We are trying to stay as natural as possible with eating. Normally, I am gluten-, lactose-, and nightshade-free, with the cleanse I have taken out all juices, eggs, red meat, pork, fruit (except granny smith apples), and sugar. It is not as hard as I thought it would be, as long as I eat every few hours. Do not get me wrong. Last night watching a show with my family, it was difficult to have an apple while everyone else was having chips. It is working though. I am getting back on track and feeling much better.