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My Friend Retires Today

IMG_2418I have known this day was coming for a long time but lets be realistic I was in denial. Heather Russell has worked in the UPEI Psychology Department since I started at the Laboratory Technician. Frankly, I do not know what we will do without her laugh and smile every morning. She is so supportive and positive.

We have spent the day celebrating her and laughing with her. I know she will enjoy having more time to knit. I cannot wait to travel to Knit East with her later this month. HeatherThis photo was taken at Rhinebeck last year. I am sure we will have many years of knitting together.

Heather enjoy this day and all of your retirement. Although we shall miss you, I know this is what you are ready for.

I cannot wait to see all of your WIPs and FOs.

Happy Retirement!!


Sick of being Sick

I have lung issues. When I was young TB in my lymph nodes that meant two got removed. I can give you the list of problems but most people’s eyes glaze over. Basically, breathing can be a big issue for me. Cold and flu season is a nightmare because I catch everything.

I have been doing well, for me, the last few years I have managed to stay out of the hospital. But I still get sick more than most. The last month I have been sick but trying to make it in to work. I have missed about a day a week. By the end of last week, I took three days off in a row. Most of it I slept or binge watched House. I could not even get much knitting done. Today, I am back at work trying to catch up. Hoping I am on the mend.

2013 Busy Fall Semester

Where did the time go from September until now. I feel like we just got back home from our summer getaway in NS. Now, it is almost December.

Samuel Doiron, became the newest member of our family for the last 3 months. I cannot believe that he only has a week left in PEI. We had our last Sunday brunch this morning, and the turkey is in the oven for supper. The first weekend he was here, we went to Anne of Green Gables house. IMG_8495Since then we have been trying to introduce him to various fun things we do I PEI. He evengot to Basin Head on October 5th. I managed to convince Dan and Sam to jump in. Yes it was crazy, but I think they had fun. IMG_8758I know that the other people there, myself included had lots of fun watching them. It is amazing at how close you become living together for a few months. I am sure Dan will have an amazing time in Quebec with Sam’s family.

Work has been busy. I taught Psychology 271: Statistices on Thursday nights this fall. My last class is this week. On top of that my work as a research consultant has continued to be steady. I also started working the the UPEI Psychology Department part-time in September. They have such an amazing team. It has been great getting out of the house a few days a week. I never realized how many social rewards I got from work.

My December focus with be health and balance. I just have to get back into balance, so that I can continue to post to the blog, and have some time with friends as well as work and family. I also need to focus on my own health. January / February is usually when my asthma flairs up, so this December I am being proactive by joining Pam MacDonald’s team to focus on eating well and exercise.

The plan is for me to be posting more regularly now. Talk to you all again soon.

One hard “No”

Recently, I was requested to think about an opportunity to work with an amazing team at a local nonprofit. I saw what I could do to help and got really excited about the opportunity. I let my imagination run away with dreams and ideas of what this opportunity could be. Then one night I went to a meeting of a local group. I realized just how much these volunteers did, and how I could become so immersed in their issues. I connected on a personal level with these people. I was not sure that I could disconnect from their needs at the end of the day to focus on my own.

I realized that as much as I wanted to help and be there for the team, this position would take up all my energy. Not just physical energy, but emotions would be involved, and memories that are painful to relive. Not that I would not want to give, but I still have three children at home and a husband that I need to be there for. I have been overwhelmed before by giving too much of myself and could see the potential here, especially when everyone around me would be giving of themselves too.

Even with all those reasons running through my head. I spent a weekend trying to convince myself that I could do it, I was stronger now, and would love to help. Then my daughter had a small teenage crisis, nothing major but she needed mom. Add to that responsibilities of my business and I was swamped. I could not add any additional needs. Especially, a full time position that had the potential for lots of overtime. It was the hardest message I drafted. This person had wanted me to fill this void, she thought I had the skills, and I do. It is really hard to say “N0” when you want to help. Ultimately, my “no” became about maintaining my good health and my family dynamic.

Research Consultant

Last week I took the plunge. Officially, I am a research consultant and work from my home. It is kind of scary not having a pension, health plan, or other benefits. But then again it is freeing. I am doing work I am really interested in with Plus, I can work in my PJs, or yoga pants most days.

Since Friday I have been working from home, but today I realized that I needed to set up a proper work space. I had been using a little stool in the cramped office/guest room/sewing room/catch all space in our house. Today I had enough. It was not working. I could not concentrate. Even I who historically has worked on the floor in a pile of papers had to admit defeat. I could not concentrate or work efficiently in the space I had set up. Frankly, it sucked. When we set up the space it was primarily a guest room to be used as an office for a couple of hours at a time in the evening or on weekends.

After sitting there most of two days, I was uncomfortable, and my back hurt. Those that know me realize I went for years with back issues until Stott Pilates cured me. Now I baby my back. My friend Sheena fit me in for a massage on short notice. She said that I was really doing a number on my left side. Something had to be done. My poor hubby came home from a busy day at work to help me move furniture around the office. It now flows properly for work. A proper desk chair supports my back. Tomorrow will be a better day.I have my work space and my living space separate but together.

By the way if you are looking to have any research done. Contact me at

Christmas Fellowship at Work

There is nothing like a lunch time potluck to get me in the holiday spirit. Top it off with a smattering of snow and I am feeling great.

There is a holiday tradition at my workplace that the team celebrates together over lunch. I was told that it was a big deal but still was not ready for covered tables with Christmas centrepiecs, and music. Man these people can cook. I had a few excellent salads, some meat, and even gluten free dessert. I was able to enjoy the holiday meal without being too bad. Now, a couple of hours later, I am really appreciating my restraint. Although I am a bit sleepy from eating too much, I am feeling fine. Thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable day.

Merry Christmas!

My wrinkled map

The cribchronicles post on November 16 really made me think. I have been reflecting on the following ever since I read it:

“my map is a wrinkled thing, now, scribbled in the margins, torn in a few places. i keep revising it as i go. it got easier to use when i stopped thinking it had to look pretty… what does your map look like? what shapes it?”

My map is wrinkled, torn, well-used, and marked up by jerky paths. Kind of like one of my daughter’s assignments left in the bottom of her backpack for a few weeks, then pulled out and presented as the good copy. Sometimes I feel like an old paper, trying to look new and fresh. Why do I need to be new or fresh. Wrinkles impart experience, which leads to acceptance of life and love.

My career has been on hiatus for awhile now. I love what I am doing but it is a casual position that will be ending in January. The people I am surrounded by daily “feed my soul”. Now I have the foresight to avoid people who drain my energy or to say “No” when I really just want to stay at home with my family.  Love is really working for me . I have found a partner who gets me (as much as anyone can), and children who are loving, smart and supportive. Who could ask for more. I am finally participating in life not frantically trying to catch everything while missing the most important things along the way. It is very freeing but extremely scary to decide to leave security of a permanent position. This wrinkled, detour laden map, is taking me by the right path. I need to trust myself and follow. Such a hard thing to do when you are a dreamer, who wants to soar but is scared of heights.