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Finally Finished My Fade

It has been on the needles so long I feared I would never finish it, but my Find Your Fade is now off the needles and is featured as a FO on CAWcreations Episode 20.


Time and priorities…

The anniversary of posting my first knitting vlog/podcast (videos at is happening this Sunday, March 25. I have a great prize in store for a lucky viewer and will be pulling prize winners for the first quarter of the KALs that go all year. It is so exciting.

I have learned so much about recording, editing, posting videos and taking pictures. It has been so rewarding, but some decisions about time management have to be made. I am taking time away from pattern designs when I podcast. Stitchmastery has been an amazing help in charting my patterns, but there is only so much time in the day.

I also have to focus on self-care to deal with health issues. As much as I hate to say it, my podcasts will have to be only one per month until my new normal becomes habit. It is so hard to change what I am doing, but I am turning 45 this summer and really need to make me a priority in my life.

I will be podcasting next on March 25th.

Rainy Day Lunch with two of my children

It is pouring rain on PEI today. My daughter and I splashed in the puddles on the way to work. You know I may have been a bit too delighted splashing. She said, “You do know you are a university professor?”. I had fun that is all that matters.

Today I am meeting both my children who are at UPEI for lunch. I am looking forward to it. This weekend was busy. I prepared Tim’s birthday supper, homemade lasagna for Tuesday night. I did another podcast Episode 17 only three days after Episode 16. There was lots to say since I basically missed January podcasts. It will be nice to relax a bit with them in the middle of the day.

This week my husband is in  Raised on TV. I am going on Friday night. He will be in rehearsals and shows most of the week. I should get time to dig out the craft room.

My yarn is ready from Fleece and Harmony. I cannot wait to start our sweaters. Mom may get a chance to get our yarn today. It should be so much fun starting this project with her.

New Year Plans

I manged to do one more CAWcreations Podcast before the end of 2017. I have really loved this and look forward to continuing it next year. It was a great way to review the knitting and designing I have completed. Such a busy year, so much learning and fun. I am so excited to see what everyone else thinks of all my hard work so far.

Today is my first day back at the university. Students are back tomorrow. There is so much to do but it is the cycle of it. I love the school calendar and planning for the new semester. Here is to being an excellent support to our students and professors. We have a newly renovated space that I am looking forward to using. It all looks so clean and new. I even have a new office. My plan is to clear out the unnecessary “junk” and start the space off with only necessary stuff.

Now for new year plans, NOT resolutions because those never work for me. I plan to…

  • Make time for a walk each day,
  • Meditate when I feel stressed
  • Make healthy choices most often

My word for the year is:


adjective: holistic
  1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    • Medicine
      characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

2107 Vlogmas

I am loving the Vlogmas by This Old Knit and Hawthorn Cottage Craft. I wish I had time to keep up with others but I just chose my two favourites. I love seeing their daily clips and a small insight into their lives. I wish when I had young kids I had watched something like this. Reality of cleaning daily, work, snow issues, and coordinating family visits shows that we all have those daily frustrations and joyful moments.

Since my exam was set, I started doing a vlogma every couple of days for CAWcreations Group on Ravelry. I do not always know what to talk about, but it is going pretty well. Last weekend I forgot to take videos in the busyness of seeing the new Star Wars movie and having my knitting group over for the afternoon on Sunday. Other than that I have managed a little video every couple of days. It has really made me relax in front of the camera.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate this time of year. Hope you are taking time for yourself as well.


Sin City & The Sin City Knit Shop

We just arrived home from a weekend in Las Vegas. The city that never sleeps… I can vouch for that. I never really adjusted to the time change so was up one day at 6 am placing a bet for a friend in the casino.

Let’s just say I did not do well gambling. By not well, I mean I lost every time I tried with my own money. However, I did place a bet for a friend at 6 am on the roulette wheel and it won. I doubled her money for her. She said I could use a percentage of that, so I put it on the wheel again. Lost it right away. The casinos are all similar and if you need to go to a free restroom on the strip, you are pretty much guaranteed to have to walk through one. I enjoyed sitting at bars talking to people in the casinos. I usually only lost the cost of my drinks there so maybe that is the best way to gamble. The slots are fun at first but when you continue to lose not so much. I loved roulette when I was winning. The dealers at the Monte Carlo were great to help you learn the games. I had fun.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo. It is right next to the hockey arena and New York New York. It is in the centre of things and we had some great walks down the strip just soaking up the atmosphere. The hotel is in the midst of renovations so no pool, but the staff was so friendly and personable that it more than made up for living for a few days in a construction zone. I loved how everyone was friendly and seemed happy.

The last day of our stay we had a late flight so I decided to leave my obligatory find the local knit shop until that day. Usually, Tim finds something to do while I go, but he decided since we had already checked out that he would come explore with me. I had said before we went that the shop was only a couple of blocks from the strip. Nothing was further from the truth. From the airport, the strip is one way and the knit shop is on the other side of town. Mistake #1: took a cab from our hotel to the Sin City Knit Store $28 US later. It was in a little strip mall. I walked in first. Scott introduced himself right away Sin City Knit Shop

and offered to help, but when I said I was just looking he left me to my own devices. A knitting group was there just chatting and knitting. It looked so comfy, I wished I had left hubby somewhere he knew so I could spend and hour or two relaxing. Mistake #2: Bringing Tim to knit store. He had gone to the local pub to wait while I shopped. I tried to be relatively quick with my purchases. I got a T-shirt, some merino in a brown colour, and the Lykke dpn set he had. Then one of the ladies called us an Uber. It was so fast and only $9 US.


2017 Baby KAL using Fleece and Harmony patterns. Bonus entry for using their yarn!

In my last CAWcreations podcast, I announced a new knit along. I wanted it to run between October 1 and December 25, 2017 so thought I should pick small things. This summer I got first place at the PEI Exhibition for my knit baby outfit. The 2017 Baby KAL was born. Basically, choose one of my baby patterns for Fleece and Harmony:


and knit the project by Christmas. WIPs are fine so if you already started the project that is great. Also, let’s be honest here, I probably will not close the thread on Christmas day. You can enter until I get around to making the draw. Most likely in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

If you want an easy way to get everything you need for this, then you could buy the Fleece & Harmony Zig Zag Baby Cardigan Kit $75CDN. See picture below, and to order email:


My favorite part about this kit is that all parts of it are sourced from PEI Companies. The leather buttons by Harris Leatherworks are so great. They wash well and look so great on the sweater. I just love all her stuff. I have a briefcase, a belt, and a change purse. Her work is my go to for gifts. I am so excited to be able to profile Harris Leatherworks.


Get one of the patterns and some yarn. I cannot wait to see all of your projects.