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2017 Baby KAL using Fleece and Harmony patterns. Bonus entry for using their yarn!

In my last CAWcreations podcast, I announced a new knit along. I wanted it to run between October 1 and December 25, 2017 so thought I should pick small things. This summer I got first place at the PEI Exhibition for my knit baby outfit. The 2017 Baby KAL was born. Basically, choose one of my baby patterns for Fleece and Harmony:


and knit the project by Christmas. WIPs are fine so if you already started the project that is great. Also, let’s be honest here, I probably will not close the thread on Christmas day. You can enter until I get around to making the draw. Most likely in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

If you want an easy way to get everything you need for this, then you could buy the Fleece & Harmony Zig Zag Baby Cardigan Kit $75CDN. See picture below, and to order email:


My favorite part about this kit is that all parts of it are sourced from PEI Companies. The leather buttons by Harris Leatherworks are so great. They wash well and look so great on the sweater. I just love all her stuff. I have a briefcase, a belt, and a change purse. Her work is my go to for gifts. I am so excited to be able to profile Harris Leatherworks.


Get one of the patterns and some yarn. I cannot wait to see all of your projects.


My Friend Retires Today

IMG_2418I have known this day was coming for a long time but lets be realistic I was in denial. Heather Russell has worked in the UPEI Psychology Department since I started at the Laboratory Technician. Frankly, I do not know what we will do without her laugh and smile every morning. She is so supportive and positive.

We have spent the day celebrating her and laughing with her. I know she will enjoy having more time to knit. I cannot wait to travel to Knit East with her later this month. HeatherThis photo was taken at Rhinebeck last year. I am sure we will have many years of knitting together.

Heather enjoy this day and all of your retirement. Although we shall miss you, I know this is what you are ready for.

I cannot wait to see all of your WIPs and FOs.

Happy Retirement!!

New Trail at Strathgartney Provincial Park

Saturday morning I finally managed to get on the Bakery Bears POP Live event. The hardest part of the whole thing was figuring the time difference (yes I am that person that always confuses time zones). It was so fun chatting about knitting and making a bunch of new knitting friends.

Dan mentioned that although the knitters had made it around the world, that the runners had not. I am no runner but apparently they allow walkers/hikers on their team. I was inspired so as soon as the POP Live event was finished Tim, Molly, and I hit the trail.

Tim knew that Strathgarteny Provincial Park had hired some students to create new trails in the park this summer. Last weekend we had checked our geocache at the park but had not made it down to the trail. I really wanted see what they had done because the last hill on the old trail was a killer for me with my asthma. I do want to keep moving but have to balance that with my breathing. You know breathing is kind of important.

We walked down through the park roads to the old trail entrance (picture on left above). Instead of going straight across the bridge to take the old trail, you turn left and can see two new trails along this side of the stream. We took the one closest to the clearing. It was a beautiful walk through the woods (see pictures below). I think it could be good for biking too. All the banks are shored up with island stone and there is a new bridge across the stream as you get deeper into the woods. We came out in a clearing that led us back to the parking lot that you use when the main gate is closed.

I cannot wait to go again to try the other trail right from the parking lot.

On Sunday, I posted CAWcreations Podcast Episode 10. I did the recording and then went to Knitting at Beanz. When I got home, I did all the editing and posted CAWcreations E10 on YouTube by later in the evening. I think it is my best episode yet as I am finally starting to relax in front of the camera. Let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Knitting.

Finished One Thing and cast on another

I finished my Apple Blossom socksI love them so much!! They have a nice tight heel and leg. Lately all of my socks have been wide. The socks fit so well this way. I may have to modify my sock designs to get this nice fit on a sock. I want to be able to write patterns as well as Helen Stewart. I love the tables with the percentage it must be the scientist in me. I think my new approach to writing knitting patterns will be what I do for writing SOPs in the lab. SOPs need every detail, and I feel my patterns to this point have assumed knowledge that not all knitters have.

I did not finish anything else, even though I worked on some of them. I got the heel turned on the Grand Central Socks, but these are turning out wide. Not enjoying them so much. The short row heel is not my favourite. There are holes along the edge that people tell me are fine, but I do not like them. Maybe blocking will fix it. I am a top down heel flap girl. I do not think I will find another heel that I like better even though I do continue to try.

I worked on Seb’s socks, or my newest design that incorporates the reversible cable, but still have not turned that heel. I found my Fade shawl but did not knit on it. I knit a bit on Gavin’s blanket. Then I got bored so…

I started my shawl for the Shawl Exchange at Knit East. I had to go with the less ambitious pattern because I left it too late to do the other one, and I really HAD to start soon because Knit East is in October. I do not want to say more because I do not want to give away who I am knitting for. I will not even be posting pictures until after I gift it. The nice thing is that I am using all Bayview Fiber Arts that were left over from my Fade Shawl. I love Paula’s colours and the soft squishy yarn, but I cannot remember which base my colours are on. There is Pansy, Rejoice, and Cleopratra in the snow (none in the shop right now but it is white and turquoise). They blend so well. I love how soft it is. It is also a Value KAL for the Knitting in Stitches podcast because I am using yarn leftover from another project.

So much for getting projects out of my WIPs. I removed one and added one. That is my knitting life.


Finish All My WIPs (well some anyways)

I have been working hard at finishing up projects on my needles for the This Old Knit podcast FINISH ALL THE THINGS KAL. It is going well but when you have over 20 WIPs finishing everything is a bit daunting. But this long weekend I am going to try, because I start teaching next week. No projects get done once the semester starts.

These are the things that I am focusing on:


Apple Blossom Socks by Helen Stewart


Almost to the toe of the first sock, but the pattern knits up fast so I should finish this weekend.

Grand Central Socks by Knitting Expat Designs


Almost to heel of second sock, will finish this weekend. I am doing a grey pair also but I have not even started the second sock of that pair.

Waves Socks (in press for F&H) have to finish the second pine cone sock in size XL. I also have the second helix sock (again in press for F&H Sock Series) on the needles.


I just have the rib done in the pine cone but I am halfway down the leg on the helix sock.

Final sock for the weekend is another new design the reversible cable sock. It is a knee high that has a reversible so it still looks good if you fold it down. I am knitting these two at a time (I hate knitting two at a time socks, they take forever). I still have 10 cm to the heel for these.


Now the more ambitious things to finish:

  • My sweaters
    • Ironheart by Tin Can Knits just has a bit of the body and the yoke to finish.
    • Gingerbread by Libby Jonson has the bottom of the body and both arms left (so no hope of finishing this weekend)
  • My Fade has been on time out since I threw it across the room. I should at least pick it up again.
  • My afghans
    • Vicky’s blanket has not been touched in a couple of weeks and it needs to be looked at. However, I did not say which graduation she will get it for so I have time. She starts at UPEI next week.
    •  Gavin’s blanket has been on the needles for 10 years. I have promised myself I will finish it by the end of the year. My poor friend has been way too patient.
    • Mitered Squares Blankets… yes two of them on the needles for a year now. They are fun I just have to find em.

So I have a busy weekend planned. Especially if I want to touch all of these projects and finish the three crazy quilts in my sewing room. I may be setting myself up for failure. Let’s see how it goes.

Episode 9 CAWcreations: Eclipse Day

Check out my latest Podcast about knitting and the books I am reading!

Don’t forget about the “I like your sweater” KAL on until October 20, 2017. Check it out the details at the CAWcreations Group on Ravelry. You must be a member to win prizes.

You can find me on:
Ravelry Group:

Fleece and Harmony sells patterns by CAWcreations and Sand and Sky Creations.


2017 Winner of Women’s Institute knitting prizes for projects I finished

This year I finally got it together to enter some of my knitting in the Provincial Exhibition Women’s Institute WI Handcraft, Horticulture and Arts Show. I have always wanted to but was afraid to.

I chose the folioing 4 projects:

Class B:  Afghans      Section 03:  Infant’s, crocheted or knitted (min. size 24″x 30″)


The Hap(py) Shawl knit in Fleece & Harmony‘s Signature yarn in the Beach Blanket Colour. The idea is that the hap is used to swaddle babies and as a shawl after the baby has grown. This is a simple design for beginners. It has a garter stitch square with a modified feather and fan edge.

Class C: Knitting     Section 01: Socks, Work


Rays Socks from the Fleece and Harmony Sock Series (worsted weight), knit in Lot 57 Signature Collection yarn. I love the tones in the slate yarn. But, I did miscount on the heel turn, so one heel has two additional rows. Not my best work but pretty.

Class C: Knitting     Section 13:  Child’s 2-piece set, size 1 to 2 years


Knit in Fleece and Harmony’s Baby Boo Collection. Baby Boo yarn is spun from first shearing lambs’ wool. It is so soft after soaking in wool wash and blocking. I love this yarn and love the Baby Shower colour that mixes all the colours together so the sweater can be for anyone.


Class C: Knitting     Section 18: Knitted Item, not listed above


The Beach Day Shawl in Fleece and Harmony’s Lot 57 Signature Collection. It could be a beach towel if spread out. It has big bold blocks of colour that introduce knitters to simple lacework, chart reading, and intarsia. Buttons can be attached to allow for multiple styles of wearing. Look for this pattern later this year on Fleece and Harmony’s website.

The last two entries won prizes. I am so excited. It is my first time entering my knitting in anything. The Baby Set got a first prize and the Beach Day Shawl came in third.