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Knitting Left

We had a new friend Doris at knitting on Tuesday. It was a banner night with about nine people at my place. I was buzzing around making sure everyone got what they needed and trying to get a bit of knitting and chatting done too. I was having a great time.

Gloria taught Doris a long tail cast on and we discussed knitting left. I thought that someone from our group could do it but was not sure who. They certainly were not there to help on Tuesday. As a group, we all began discussing knitting left but then splintered off in different directions. The next time I noticed how things were going with our newest knitter she was having trouble with her first row. The cast on was a bit tight so it was difficult and the needles I had given her were not very pointed. I got up and tried to help. What a great exercise to remind me that knitting is hard to learn. I felt so awkward and the needles felt like long poles. How do we every get to where this is natural. By the end, I had knit half a row for her but was exhausted.

I hope to see Doris again this week to see how she is doing. I might even cast on something simple so I can knit left with her.

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