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PEI Highland Cows

OK there are no highlands in PEI. But my friends Sheldon and Colleen MacQuarrie raise Highland Cattle (well some pure highland and some mixed). I had the opportunity on Sunday to go out to visit and spend some time in the field. It was so calming.

It was a beautiful day with snow covering the field. They were at the far end and in the woods. We walked among them but allowed them to come to us. Some are more curious than others. The new calves were so cute. Thank you so much Sheldon and Colleen.



Rainy Day Lunch with two of my children

It is pouring rain on PEI today. My daughter and I splashed in the puddles on the way to work. You know I may have been a bit too delighted splashing. She said, “You do know you are a university professor?”. I had fun that is all that matters.

Today I am meeting both my children who are at UPEI for lunch. I am looking forward to it. This weekend was busy. I prepared Tim’s birthday supper, homemade lasagna for Tuesday night. I did another podcast Episode 17 only three days after Episode 16. There was lots to say since I basically missed January podcasts. It will be nice to relax a bit with them in the middle of the day.

This week my husband is in  Raised on TV. I am going on Friday night. He will be in rehearsals and shows most of the week. I should get time to dig out the craft room.

My yarn is ready from Fleece and Harmony. I cannot wait to start our sweaters. Mom may get a chance to get our yarn today. It should be so much fun starting this project with her.

Art inspires Art and My Mistake

This Sunday I was able to attend a concert at Fleece and Harmony featuring the Amanda Jackson Trio (my favourite group). I was so excited. The music was so inspiring. It was a cosy concert as there were 40 of us in the shop space at Fleece and Harmony. I love when you get to  actually see the musicians’ expressions as they perform. The group is so amazing and appear so relaxed performing. I have listened to Fire in the Blue so often I could even sing along. Fire_in_the_Blue_DigitalArt-1

Just before the intermission, I got to give Amanda the surprise project I have been working on for ages. It is a CAWcreations original cardigan designed just for her using the Fire in the Blue colour way on Fleece and Harmony’s Heritage yarn. The pattern used the cover art from their album to create fire and trees up the sweater. I am so proud of the result. She loved it!!

I also promised to talk about my mistake. Anyone who purchased a 2018 Knitting Calendar (the mini desktop version) may have noticed the error in the third week of January already. There are also two February 26ths (the Sunday should be the 25th of February). I have checked and the rest of the calendar is O.K. I am offering a free CAWcreations pattern to make up for this error.

Choices are at either Fleece and Harmony or my Ravelry webpages. The pattern options are as follows:

  • Squall Scarf (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Hap(py) Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Zig Zag Baby Cardigan (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Baby Pants (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Beach Day Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Gavin’s Blanket Baby (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)
  • Old Fashioned Work Socks (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)

Send me an email at:

Remember to let me know the pattern you want and your Ravelry name.



Living in a Snow Globe

It has been quite warm for Canada so far this winter. We got rain recently that cleared our snow away. One day that Quebec got slammed, I posted the picture below to show my friend that we had none. However, todayB912D7CD-0432-41F8-B9EA-0956B4D60FCC (January 17, 2018) I live in a snow globe. Beautiful flakes coming down slowly with not wind. It hardly ever happens that we get a storm and no wind on Prince Edward Island. Too bad the camera did not pick up the pretty snowflakes. I am home sick so the softly falling snow is lulling me to sleep this afternoon. So pretty.

IMG_0221Relaxing and healing.IMG_0222

New Year Plans

I manged to do one more CAWcreations Podcast before the end of 2017. I have really loved this and look forward to continuing it next year. It was a great way to review the knitting and designing I have completed. Such a busy year, so much learning and fun. I am so excited to see what everyone else thinks of all my hard work so far.

Today is my first day back at the university. Students are back tomorrow. There is so much to do but it is the cycle of it. I love the school calendar and planning for the new semester. Here is to being an excellent support to our students and professors. We have a newly renovated space that I am looking forward to using. It all looks so clean and new. I even have a new office. My plan is to clear out the unnecessary “junk” and start the space off with only necessary stuff.

Now for new year plans, NOT resolutions because those never work for me. I plan to…

  • Make time for a walk each day,
  • Meditate when I feel stressed
  • Make healthy choices most often

My word for the year is:


adjective: holistic
  1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    • Medicine
      characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

2107 Vlogmas

I am loving the Vlogmas by This Old Knit and Hawthorn Cottage Craft. I wish I had time to keep up with others but I just chose my two favourites. I love seeing their daily clips and a small insight into their lives. I wish when I had young kids I had watched something like this. Reality of cleaning daily, work, snow issues, and coordinating family visits shows that we all have those daily frustrations and joyful moments.

Since my exam was set, I started doing a vlogma every couple of days for CAWcreations Group on Ravelry. I do not always know what to talk about, but it is going pretty well. Last weekend I forgot to take videos in the busyness of seeing the new Star Wars movie and having my knitting group over for the afternoon on Sunday. Other than that I have managed a little video every couple of days. It has really made me relax in front of the camera.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate this time of year. Hope you are taking time for yourself as well.


Christmas Movies with my Knitters

Yesterday afternoon instead of going to the local coffee shop, our knitting group came to my place for knitting and Christmas movies. It was so relaxing to take time from the busy holiday preparation bustle to enjoy some down time with my peeps.

We all wore our PJs and brought so many munchies. It was so good!

Now on to the last week of Christmas preparations.

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