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Art inspires Art and My Mistake

This Sunday I was able to attend a concert at Fleece and Harmony featuring the Amanda Jackson Trio (my favourite group). I was so excited. The music was so inspiring. It was a cosy concert as there were 40 of us in the shop space at Fleece and Harmony. I love when you get to  actually see the musicians’ expressions as they perform. The group is so amazing and appear so relaxed performing. I have listened to Fire in the Blue so often I could even sing along. Fire_in_the_Blue_DigitalArt-1

Just before the intermission, I got to give Amanda the surprise project I have been working on for ages. It is a CAWcreations original cardigan designed just for her using the Fire in the Blue colour way on Fleece and Harmony’s Heritage yarn. The pattern used the cover art from their album to create fire and trees up the sweater. I am so proud of the result. She loved it!!

I also promised to talk about my mistake. Anyone who purchased a 2018 Knitting Calendar (the mini desktop version) may have noticed the error in the third week of January already. There are also two February 26ths (the Sunday should be the 25th of February). I have checked and the rest of the calendar is O.K. I am offering a free CAWcreations pattern to make up for this error.

Choices are at either Fleece and Harmony or my Ravelry webpages. The pattern options are as follows:

  • Squall Scarf (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Hap(py) Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Zig Zag Baby Cardigan (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Baby Pants (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Beach Day Shawl (CAWcreations design for Fleece and Harmony)
  • Gavin’s Blanket Baby (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)
  • Old Fashioned Work Socks (CAWcreations design available on Ravelry)

Send me an email at:

Remember to let me know the pattern you want and your Ravelry name.




2017 Winner of Women’s Institute knitting prizes for projects I finished

This year I finally got it together to enter some of my knitting in the Provincial Exhibition Women’s Institute WI Handcraft, Horticulture and Arts Show. I have always wanted to but was afraid to.

I chose the folioing 4 projects:

Class B:  Afghans      Section 03:  Infant’s, crocheted or knitted (min. size 24″x 30″)



The Hap(py) Shawl knit in Fleece & Harmony‘s Signature yarn in the Beach Blanket Colour. The idea is that the hap is used to swaddle babies and as a shawl after the baby has grown. This is a simple design for beginners. It has a garter stitch square with a modified feather and fan edge.

Class C: Knitting     Section 01: Socks, Work



Rays Socks from the Fleece and Harmony Sock Series (worsted weight), knit in Lot 57 Signature Collection yarn. I love the tones in the slate yarn. But, I did miscount on the heel turn, so one heel has two additional rows. Not my best work but pretty.

Class C: Knitting     Section 13:  Child’s 2-piece set, size 1 to 2 years



Knit in Fleece and Harmony’s Baby Boo Collection. Baby Boo yarn is spun from first shearing lambs’ wool. It is so soft after soaking in wool wash and blocking. I love this yarn and love the Baby Shower colour that mixes all the colours together so the sweater can be for anyone.


Class C: Knitting     Section 18: Knitted Item, not listed above


The Beach Day Shawl in Fleece and Harmony’s Lot 57 Signature Collection. It could be a beach towel if spread out. It has big bold blocks of colour that introduce knitters to simple lacework, chart reading, and intarsia. Buttons can be attached to allow for multiple styles of wearing. Look for this pattern later this year on Fleece and Harmony’s website.

The last two entries won prizes. I am so excited. It is my first time entering my knitting in anything. The Baby Set got a first prize and the Beach Day Shawl came in third.