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Living in a Snow Globe

It has been quite warm for Canada so far this winter. We got rain recently that cleared our snow away. One day that Quebec got slammed, I posted the picture below to show my friend that we had none. However, todayB912D7CD-0432-41F8-B9EA-0956B4D60FCC (January 17, 2018) I live in a snow globe. Beautiful flakes coming down slowly with not wind. It hardly ever happens that we get a storm and no wind on Prince Edward Island. Too bad the camera did not pick up the pretty snowflakes. I am home sick so the softly falling snow is lulling me to sleep this afternoon. So pretty.

IMG_0221Relaxing and healing.IMG_0222


Christmas Movies with my Knitters

Yesterday afternoon instead of going to the local coffee shop, our knitting group came to my place for knitting and Christmas movies. It was so relaxing to take time from the busy holiday preparation bustle to enjoy some down time with my peeps.

We all wore our PJs and brought so many munchies. It was so good!

Now on to the last week of Christmas preparations.

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Making Hay… even in the dark

I missed an amazing picture last night because my camera battery was not charged. It was dark and the farmer behind us was wrapping silage in the dark. It was supposed to rain today so I guess they wanted to get it as much done as possible. I love having a farm in my back yard and watching the whole process.

This morning I got the following shot. I love the view from our backyard.IMG_7082

Here is to getting the hay in.

ONRPEI Weekend Events Apr. 15 & 16 — ONRPEI.CA

April 14, 15 & 16 All New People at The Guild

via ONRPEI Weekend Events Apr. 15 & 16 — ONRPEI.CA

“All New People” written by Zack Braff and directed by Keir Malone opened last Thursday, April 7. The last three shows are this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The cast is strong and although some themes are heavy they are broken up by comedic moments.

Check it out!

Wow… Our 21st Anniversary. Time Flies!

So how can I respond to an amazing song, written for my wedding and recorded by my amazing husband 20 years later? I love Tim Wartman, and our song. I just do not know how to respond. It is so wonderful that I am at a loss for words. (Anyone who knows me knows how rare that is.)

Each year at this time and wonder how I can respond. I know he knows I love him and anything I do does not compare to this tribute. It is always there for me. Any time I am feeling low or undervalued I can just listen, smile, and feel so loved.

Tim I know you know this but you are my soul mate. The one I go to with my joys, secrets and heartaches. I love you so much but know I do not express that as well as I would like. You are the calm place I go to recharge, re-bulid my confidence, relax, and enjoy life.

Happy Anniversary and here is to hoping for many more fun filled days!

September… My Spring Cleaning

I am not usually on time, so it is not odd that I usually get to my “Spring Cleaning” in September. Just before school starts is a great time to go through the house. It gets us all organized for the year ahead.

Ask my hubby, I kick and scream harder than our children when it comes to spending a holiday day cleaning. Once I get into it, I find it cathartic. I love to share so books that my kids are finished with go to kids who want new stories to enjoy. Clothing gets passed down to the next cousin. I love seeing a clean drawer or cupboard. Even when I know that by tomorrow it will be a mess again. Better get back at it.

One hard “No”

Recently, I was requested to think about an opportunity to work with an amazing team at a local nonprofit. I saw what I could do to help and got really excited about the opportunity. I let my imagination run away with dreams and ideas of what this opportunity could be. Then one night I went to a meeting of a local group. I realized just how much these volunteers did, and how I could become so immersed in their issues. I connected on a personal level with these people. I was not sure that I could disconnect from their needs at the end of the day to focus on my own.

I realized that as much as I wanted to help and be there for the team, this position would take up all my energy. Not just physical energy, but emotions would be involved, and memories that are painful to relive. Not that I would not want to give, but I still have three children at home and a husband that I need to be there for. I have been overwhelmed before by giving too much of myself and could see the potential here, especially when everyone around me would be giving of themselves too.

Even with all those reasons running through my head. I spent a weekend trying to convince myself that I could do it, I was stronger now, and would love to help. Then my daughter had a small teenage crisis, nothing major but she needed mom. Add to that responsibilities of my business and I was swamped. I could not add any additional needs. Especially, a full time position that had the potential for lots of overtime. It was the hardest message I drafted. This person had wanted me to fill this void, she thought I had the skills, and I do. It is really hard to say “N0” when you want to help. Ultimately, my “no” became about maintaining my good health and my family dynamic.