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Wondering about Podcasting

Podcasts are fun for me to watch while I am knitting. I am tossing around the idea for starting one myself. I just have to figure out what I can add to the genre. There are so many wonderful ones out there already.

I am thinking that I might focus on featuring an Atlantic Canadian yarn company each episode. The biggest issue is that I HATE getting my picture taken and I assume that seeing my own videos would be even worse. Working up the courage to try, I designed the opening screen. I wanted to highlight CAWcreations and how beautiful Atlantic Canada can be. Check it out!



INFJ and My Writing

I just read Andrea Wegner’s post on how people with my personality type approach writing. It mostly fits me, although in school I had no problems with outlines. Now, I must admit I do not use them when preparing my posts, but that may be a product of the fact that I am trying to be less formal and academic here.

However, I do need to learn to let go of the editor in me while writing first drafts. My NaNoWriMo writing is falling victim to too much editing and not enough new writing. I will have to fix that this weekend. I also am energized by small groups not large.

Overall the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator works to identify my go to preferences. INFJ means that I prefer: Introversion over extroversion, intuition over sensation, feelings over thinking, and judgements over perception. Preference is relative. I can do extroverted things but I get revitalized by doing things alone or in small groups. My though process is abstract. Even my kids know to interpret what I say. “You know what I meant” is my mantra. Trusting my gut is becoming more and more what I do as experience has taught me that my feelings tend to be bang on. Most times when I get in trouble, I have ignored that feeling. Closure is very important to me. I think it is one of the reasons I love knitting so much. I can start a little project and finish it in a day or a weekend. So much of my work and my writing take much more time. I believe I should set smaller writing goals so I can say “Finished!” more often. I might get more productive that way.

2013 Busy Fall Semester

Where did the time go from September until now. I feel like we just got back home from our summer getaway in NS. Now, it is almost December.

Samuel Doiron, became the newest member of our family for the last 3 months. I cannot believe that he only has a week left in PEI. We had our last Sunday brunch this morning, and the turkey is in the oven for supper. The first weekend he was here, we went to Anne of Green Gables house. IMG_8495Since then we have been trying to introduce him to various fun things we do I PEI. He evengot to Basin Head on October 5th. I managed to convince Dan and Sam to jump in. Yes it was crazy, but I think they had fun. IMG_8758I know that the other people there, myself included had lots of fun watching them. It is amazing at how close you become living together for a few months. I am sure Dan will have an amazing time in Quebec with Sam’s family.

Work has been busy. I taught Psychology 271: Statistices on Thursday nights this fall. My last class is this week. On top of that my work as a research consultant has continued to be steady. I also started working the the UPEI Psychology Department part-time in September. They have such an amazing team. It has been great getting out of the house a few days a week. I never realized how many social rewards I got from work.

My December focus with be health and balance. I just have to get back into balance, so that I can continue to post to the blog, and have some time with friends as well as work and family. I also need to focus on my own health. January / February is usually when my asthma flairs up, so this December I am being proactive by joining Pam MacDonald’s team to focus on eating well and exercise.

The plan is for me to be posting more regularly now. Talk to you all again soon.

I am writing again… ya!

I spent many years writing in my spare moments on any paper I could get my my hands on. My writing slowly tapered off in university, even more once we started having children, for awhilennthe only writing I was doing was academic. I thank God that I met the editor of Edwards Magazine, Christine Gordon-Manley. She convinced me to write an article for the magazine, then I joined the bookclub writing reveiws.  Her patience and coaching built my confidence and urge to write. Finally, this blog was started to exercise my writing in an informal voice,  in the hopes that would start to write for fun again.

It finally happened this week I spent a few evenings modifying a short story that I had started years ago. It is going really well and it is fun again not just pounding my head against the wall. I just have to end it and do some edits. I am so excited and I am having so much fun with it. The next hurdle will be actually sending it out to a publisher.

The productive phase continuted with me submitting a couple of new reviews the the Edwards Magazine Bookclub: Room by Emma Donoghue that I read on vacation; and Quilts of Prince Edward Island: The Fabric of Rural Life. They will be posted on the club website at:

Hello world!

Serious procrastinating and self-doubt has delayed my blogging debut. I am really not sure what I have to contribute to the world at large but I am hoping blogging will improve my writing. I have dabbled in writing for a number of years. Initially, writing journal articles, posters for presentation, and presentations for scientific conferences. In writing a couple of articles and a number of book reviews for Edwards Magazine and their associated book club, I determined that I would like to focus on my writing. This year my resolution was to get a paid writing gig. However, I realized that I really need to practice writing informally. Blogging should be perfect for this.

Identifying most as a researcher, a writer, a knitter and most importantly a wife and mother should give me ample fodder for this blog.